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Mysterious trio on a mission to break the charts

The breakneck tempo, infectious Hot Jazz / Ragtime horn-driven Charleston-style romp that is “What I’d Do” by The Three Gentlemen, is a high-stepping exuberant earworm that burrows its way into the listener’s mind where it takes up residence in riotous style. The track was made available by Sleepy Night Records on 30 April 2021. 

This potent cocktail of sounds and style from the original Roaring Twenties – bolted onto a beat that could make the dead get up and dance – seems certain to make its mark in the 2020s. The original flappers would have loved this, but the energy makes it perfect for our times too.

The companion video to “What I’d Do” evokes the feel of that Talkies era, a dawning of a new optimism, hedonism and liberalism. People threw off the blues cast by the horrors of the First World War and put on their dancing shoes. And then seriously cut some rug! Perhaps now, as we start to consider a post-Covid world, the time is right, once more, to tap into that spirit of fun and joy.

Little is known of the creators of “What I’d Do”; The Three Gentlemen themselves. Even their record label has never met them, though two of the three amigos appear to live abroad (Verona, perhaps?) and they each have some kind of track record with the World club scene. That industry knowledge, and easy feel for a killer hook, has blessed ‘What I’d Do’ with an immediacy and verve that immediately stirs the blood and moves the feet.

The three of them will unmask when they hit number one spot in the pop charts; only then will we see exactly who The Three Gentlemen are!

There’s a pent up demand in all of us for late nights, loud music, long drinks and living life. Every one of us has mused on what we would do when the time is right to cut loose once more. With “What I’d Do,” The Three Gentlemen have come to kickstart the party. Stand well clear!

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