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New app set to launch for polyamorous community

As queer people we get to make our own rules surrounding our love lives and relationships, as opposed to following some religiously prescribed set of guidelines.

Our straight counterparts are usually involved in patriarchal faith systems that limit them to one monogamous partner, for life. That is not to say there is anything wrong with that but more and more we are seeing LGBTQ+ people engaging in open or polyamorous relationships. By doing so it takes the concept of ‘cheating’ on your partner out of the equation and therefore eliminates a lot of potential for conflict with your partner(s). And now, there’s an app for that.

Bloom Community is a new app that helps members of queer and ethically non-monogamous communities build connections and relationships and find events. The platform is launching in Portland this month. The company today announced it has secured a $2.5M million seed round led by Tuesday Capital.

The $2.5 million funding round was led by Tuesday Capital. Additional investors include YCombinator, Precursor Ventures, Behind Genius Ventures and angel investors like Claire Hughes Johnson and Nate Mitchell as well as current and former Facebook executives.

Bloom Community is approaching the social media landscape from a totally different perspective – bringing people together in real life as opposed to completely digital interactions. Bloom Community works by inviting you to introduce yourself, tailor your interests and preferences, and find people that accept you for you. You then pick a scene, whether it be speed dating, connection workshops, festivals, or tailored bars, and Bloom ensures you will have no more missed connections.

“Bloom Community is dedicated to providing queer and ethically non-monogamous communities with a platform to organize events and build communities in real life. By providing a place for these underserved groups to organize around shared interests, Bloom is bringing traditionally overlooked groups together, and helping them find connection and community,” said Luna Ray, Bloom’s founder and CEO. “We are excited to bring Bloom to the Portland community and to help foster meaningful connections in these cities.”

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Prashant Fonseka, Partner at Tuesday Capital, said, “I have been watching this space for a long time as I know many members of the communities represented on Bloom. They are underserved if not marginalized on traditional tech media platforms. As soon as I met Luna I knew that this was the right team to fill this gap. Servicing this community is a massive and beautiful opportunity – more than 35% of adults identify as either queer or interested in ethical non-monogamy.”

Bloom Community currently operates in San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, and San Diego and has partnerships with San Francisco Pride, Woodhull Freedom Foundation, SF LGBT Center, Comfort & Joy, SoulPlay, Folsom Street, Wicked Grounds, Public Works, along with many other leading organizations. Bloom Community launched in September 2021 and has had over 3,000 community events connecting over 60,000 people.

The Bloom Community team at San Francisco Pride 2022. Bloom Community partnered with San Francisco Pride to host the SF Pride Community Calendar.
About Bloom

Bloom Community is a safe digital space for sex-positive, queer, and edge-of-culture communities. In Bloom’s app, you can discover events, connect with people, and join community conversations. Bloom Community is a queer woman-led company known for its strong consent culture and inclusive approach. Join us to explore, learn, and grow with like-minded people and create a more liberated and open world. You are welcome here.

To learn more about Bloom visit their website.

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