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All we want for Christmas is equal rights for same-sex parents

‘Tis the season for a truly inclusive children’s book.

Two Dads Under the Christmas Tree by Tobias Mile and illustrated by Milan Samadder is the first book in the “Jayden’s Funny Tales” series of humorous stories about adoption, human rights, solidarity, and respect for diversity.

This children’s book depicts the fun, touching moments we all grew up with at this time of year — but in the context of a two-dad, same-sex household as we observe Jayden’s first year with his two dads.

Italian and Spanish editions of the book were printed to raise awareness about adoption, the laws of which vary widely throughout the world. These editions will help reach countries where same-sex couples and single individuals who wish to adopt are discouraged or even denied by law.

While joint adoption by same-sex couples is legal in 27 countries, it is not permitted by law in many other countries and gay dads and gay moms face open discrimination. A map provided by the ACLU shows you which states same-sex couples are able to get joint or second-parent adoption.

Same-sex female couple reading the children’s book, Two Dads

This beautifully illustrated children’s book emphasizes the important lessons of love, inclusivity and acceptance and would make an ideal gift for LGBTQ families and those who love and want to understand them. Two Dads Under the Christmas Tree is a way to offer visibility to our “rainbow families.”

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