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New comedy series billed as the lesbian ‘Ab Fab’

Tune into Henpire, a new female-driven queer audio series starring Heather Peace.

What happens when three women set out to create a women’s media empire and discover that their differences might just be the key to success? Hen, a high-flying TV exec with a ‘just do it’ attitude; Ella, a seemingly calm liberal North London softy, and Drax, an autistic writer and divorced mother of two are Henpire, a cult hit that has been enjoyed in 22 countries on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music and Google Podcasts.

It’s been described as “the lesbian Absolutely Fabulous” by British singer-songwriter Sinitta. Samatha Fox called it “71 minutes of off the wall, original, laugh out loud comedy. Trust me you ain’t heard anything like this.”

Navigating themes of motherhood and otherhood, sexuality, neuro-diversity, sex and friendship, Henpire is the brainchild of writer-producer Samantha Grierson, who received a late-in-life diagnosis of autism in 2018 which changed the course of her life forever. What was initially a shock became the driving force behind her creativity and allowed her to revive her love of writing.

Writer Samantha Grierson

In addition to Henpire, Sam has written a series of plays which deal with the themes of autism and motherhood. Crocodile tells the story of a woman in her 30s dealing with her recent autism and ADHD diagnosis, the death of her dysfunctional mother and the start of a new relationship. The play provides stark flashbacks and insights from the 8-year-old Crocodile. Crocodile is currently in post-production as an audio play to be released on Spotify and iTunes in January 2020 starring Heather Peace, Sherise Blackman and Gurkiran Kaur. Sam lives in Scotland with her wife and four children.

About the cast:

Hen: Alicya Eyo actor and director, born Merseyside, England known for Bad Girls, Emmerdale and Different for Girls

Alicya Eyo as Hen

Ella: Patricia Potter: Actor/Sculptor born Canterbury, known for Shakespeare in Love, Holby and Just Charlie

Patricia Potter as Ella

Drax: Heather Peace: singer/song writer/actor born in Bradford, West Yorkshire, known for Lip Service, Waterloo Road, London’s Burning and Holby City.
Horse: Cameo Singer and Songwriter

Heather Peace as Drax

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