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New education book offers a guide to current LGBTQIA+ language

Chrysalis Mama has announced the release of The Language of LGBTQIA+, a comprehensive guide that offers knowledge and vocabulary on a topic many are unsure how to approach: the language to use when raising or talking to young queer folks.

New LGBTQ education book, The Language of LGBTQIA+, is positioned as an intergenerational and intersectional tool that shows how to understand and communicate without stress, confusion, and embarrassment — either for yourself or someone you know who needs to be brought up to speed with what’s changed and will continue to change when it comes to what some people insist are just “semantics.”

“While it is a necessity for parents and allies of LGBTQIA+ adolescents, teens, and young adults to better understand their children and loved ones, it is also ideal for anyone who has ever found themselves feeling lost or clueless in a conversation with an LGBTQIA+ friend or colleague,” says Heather Hester, founder and creator of Chrysalis Mama and podcast Just Breathe: Parenting Your LGBTQ Teen.

“Language is ever-evolving. Now is the perfect time to learn the what, how and why of the language of LGBTQIA+ because it is going to continue to move forward. Your choices are to stay stuck in time or take an opportunity for personal growth. You will make mistakes — we all do — but it is far better to make mistakes while trying and learning than to stay silent. We all have an LGBTQIA+ person in our life – imagine how moved they will be by your effort!” says Hester.

The Language of LGBTQIA+ is the most complete and detailed guide available. It is based on hundreds of hours of research and talking with actual human beings. Every single one of us knows a person who is a member of the LGBTQIA+ community; what better way to show our allyship?” she says.

Features and benefits of The Language of LGBTQIA+ include:

  • A complete and thorough glossary
  • Detailed explanation of more complex words
  • A discussion of how to use (and not use!) words and phrases
  • Clarifying commonly confused words
  • An in-depth exploration of pronouns and gender

The Language of LGBTQIA+ is available now. If you are an educator or administrator you can contact Heather ( for licensing information for corporate or academic use.

More information on The Language of LGBTQIA+ here.

About Chrysalis Mama

Heather Hester is the founder of Chrysalis Mama which provides support and education to parents and allies of LGBTQIA+ adolescents, teenagers, and young adults. She is also the creator and host of the podcast Just Breathe: Parenting your LGBTQ Teen which sits in the top 2% of all podcasts and was voted #6 in Podcast Magazine’s Top Moms in Podcasting for 2022. As an advocate and coach for parents and allies, she believes the coming out process is equal parts beautiful and messy. She works with her clients to let go of fear and the feelings of isolation so that they can reconnect with themselves and their child in a meaningful, grounded way. Heather creates a space where growth and shifts can occur through education and empowerment, instilling the confidence that anyone can move through the coming out process with understanding and love. 

She also works within corporate DEI initiatives to educate and empower on all topics involved with loving and raising and LGBTQIA+ child. She is a writer and a student of life who believes in being authentic and embracing the messiness. 

About Just Breathe: Parenting Your LGBTQ Teen

In the five+ years since her son embraced his sexual orientation as a young gay man, Heather Hester and her family have felt every emotion, and have experienced dozens of situations ranging from heartwarming and humorous to terrifyingly life-threatening. She and her husband initially felt alone and overwhelmed, moving her to want to support others traveling a similar path. She desires to discuss taboo topics and erase stigmas surrounding the coming out process and parenting an LGBTQIA+ teen. Heather’s shows are both interview and solo offering a wide-range of fascinating guests as well as her own episodes where she shares wisdom, stories, and strategies.

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