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New lesbian thriller Scare BNB to debut on DIVA Box Office

A queer movie about the vacation rental from hell? Let me put on the popcorn!

Vacation rental services like Airbnb have revolutionized the way we travel. No longer are we relegated to staying at a pricey hotel whose rates fluctuate with the season’s change. No, we have options. But, have we ever really stopped to think about what we’re doing? We are willingly paying strangers to let us stay in their homes. As kids, we are taught to not talk to strangers and suddenly as adults, we joyfully spend our nights in the homes of people we know nothing about, just to save a few dollars. Kind of scary when you think about it, right? Well, that is just the premise that the new queer series Scare BNB puts before us.

Scare BNB is the first original, LGBTQ+ series to debut on the newly launched, queer network, Comprised of five episodes, this limited series from the A Baker Production company will debut on February 28 with a two-part episode entitled “The Hosts”. An additional three-part episode called “The Double Booking” will begin streaming later this year.

(L-R) Abish Uhl, Lily Richards, Mandahla Rose, and Sterling Victoria star in Scare BNB. (Photo Credit: DIVABoxOffice)

 In “The Hosts”, two lesbian couples—long-time friends since high school—are in high spirits when they arrive at a remote, rental cabin in the Tennessee woods for a much-needed vacation and to attend the ‘City of Rock’ Music Festival … But, upon their arrival, they find the overly attentive owners may want to host them to death….

Directed by Christin Baker (Secs, EXECSRiley ParraMerry & GayChristmas at the Ranch, I Hate New YearsSeason of Love), the series stars Mandahla Rose (Forever Not Maybe, All About E), Sterling Victoria (Venus as a Boy; Charlie, Trevor and a Girl Savannah), Abisha Uhl (Electric Addiction, Loss PreventionGirl/Girl Scene), Lily Richards (Honor, Erin, Twenty), Marvin E. West (Landscape With Invisible HandThe Stranger) and Deborah Seidel.

About Baker Production

Headquartered in Nashville with offices in Los Angeles, A Baker Production—launched by CEO Christin Baker in 2020—produces LGBTQI+ films for the lesbian/queer streaming network, and other prominent networks and VOD platforms. Baker was the founder of Tello Films—the first network dedicated to lesbian/queer women—including such Emmy-nominated series as Secs and EXECS and Riley Parra and such critically acclaimed films as Christmas at the Ranch, I Hate New Years and Season of Love. Find out more at:


Launched Dec. 1, 2022, is a joint venture between DIVA Media Group (DMG), A Baker Production, and Christin Baker, who founded the world’s first lesbian streaming network, Tello Films, in 2009.  DMG is the world’s leading entertainment group for LGBTQI+ women and non-binary people. In addition to publishing its flagship publication DIVA magazine—the longest-running print magazine in the world for women loving women—DMG is also the force behind podDIVA, hosted by Rachel Shelley of The L Word; the groundbreaking Lesbian Visibility Week (April 24-30); DIVA Awards; Pride Power List; and Rainbow Honours. Find out more at:

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