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New podcast aims to elevate LGBTQ+ voices in the workplace

October 11 is National Coming Out Day, and if you need help bringing your full self to work, a new podcast might help!

Launching in solidarity with National Coming Out Day on October 11, Clout for Good is a new podcast created to share the powerful and personal stories behind today’s most inspiring  LGBTQ+ executive leaders and explore what it means to be “out” in corporate America—raising awareness and building equity and inclusion in the workplace.  

Clout for Good will showcase personal and powerful conversations with prominent LGBTQ+ leaders, exploring the triumphs and tribulations of coming out, climbing the corporate ladder, and embracing LGBT+ identities both in and out of the workplace. Guests will share valuable insights on leadership, case studies, and tips on how to overcome barriers that still exist for the queer community in today’s corporate landscape. 

David H. Dancer | Photo: LinkedIn

Founder and host David H. Dancer brings a poignant firsthand perspective as an accomplished gay executive leader with decades of experience as CEO, six-time CMO, and founder and CEO of D2 Marketing Strategies. His career has included time with top-tier brands and emerging startups spanning multiple industries including American Express, Visa, The Wonderful Company, MedMen, and Inspire Clean Energy.  Since coming out early in his career, he has been committed to the fight for LGBTQ+ workplace equality and has established culture-changing and impactful diversity, equity, and inclusion practices across multiple organizations.  David also served on the National Board of Directors for the Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network (GLSEN) for 10 years. 

“LGBTQ+ employees are underrepresented at every stage of the management pipeline and many LGBTQ+ people don’t have examples or mentors to help them navigate the workplace.  It is my mission to share these amazing personal stories to inspire LGBTQ+ employees to embrace their authentic selves in the workplace, to encourage more LGBTQ+ executives to mentor the next generations, and to urge companies to create more supportive and inclusive environments,” says David H. Dancer, founder, and host of the Clout for Good podcast.  

Clout for Good will launch with four inaugural episodes featuring discussions with Jim Fielding, Partner at Archer Grey, former President of Disney Stores Worldwide and author of All Pride, No Ego, A Queer Executives Journey to Living and Leading Authentically; Gayle Troberman, Chief Marketing Officer of iHeartMedia, Jamison Green, Owner of Transgender Strategies Consulting and author of Becoming a Visible Man and Terry Macko, Senior Vice President, Communications and Marketing of World Wildlife Fund. Future guests will include the best and brightest from companies such as Carnival Cruise Lines, Boston Consulting Group, and many more.

“With the intense pressures facing the LGBTQ+ community today, Clout for Good is doing important work to amplify LGBTQ+ voices to change the workplace,” said Jim Fielding, Partner at Archer and Grey. “ I’m honored to be a part of this important work.”

About Clout for Good 

Clout for Good is a bi-weekly podcast that showcases personal and powerful conversations with prominent LGBTQ+identified executives who are out in the workplace.  Episodes will inspire LGBTQ+ people, their employers, and allies to build equity and inclusion in the workplace.  Tune in every other week on Wednesdays to hear a new conversation that will inspire, challenge, and embolden. Clout for Good is available on Apple, iHeart, Google, Spotify, and everywhere podcasts are heard.   

Clout for Good will launch on October 11, 2023, on Apple, iHeart, Google, Spotify and everywhere podcasts are heard. 

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