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New trailer for Boys On Film 23: Dangerous To Know, queer short film collection

Ahead of the worldwide release of Boys On Film 23: Dangerous To Know, gay short film collection released on 24 July, Peccadillo Pictures has unveiled the new trailer.

A perfect stranger. The boy next door. A sparring partner. A friend from abroad. Boys on Film present its 23rd gay short film collection with ten encounters from across the globe, where the tempting allure of a risky attraction yields emotional results, proving that the age-old adage of taking the plunge is as relevant — and sexy — as ever before. 

Whether you’re traveling from the US to Brazil, or crossing Europe through UK to Hungary, Belgium, Norway, Georgia and Israel, there’s such a diversity of men to meet who are passionate to love, but dangerous to know.

The ten films are:

MY UNCLE’S FRIEND (Brazil, 9 mins) Dir. Renato Turnes

A man reflects on his childhood through old recordings from his father’s camcorder. He fondly remembers one person in particular.

BUDAPEST CLOSED CITY (Hungary, 13 mins) Dir. Máté Konkol

Hungarian teenager Péter takes his British friend, Adam, on a personal but political tour around his hometown of Budapest.

EDEN (Belgium, 17 mins) Dir. Sven Spur

A restless young man in search of a connection roams the pulsating gay hotspots of a metropolis brimming with shadows and bodies.

CHAPERONE (USA, 16 mins) Dir. Sam Max

An unnamed figure picks up a young man in his car. Driving to a secluded house, the details of their arrangement become frighteningly apparent.

BREAK ME (Norway, 15 mins) Dir. Israsj Asanti

A young Muslim cage fighter must choose between his head and his heart after his father discovers the truth about him.

BY HIS WILL (Israel, 16 mins) Dir. Uriel Torten

Young teen Elisha, dealing with his attraction to men, is torn between two worlds: the religious, from which he comes, and the secular.

RED ANTS BITE (Georgia, 23 mins) Dir. Elene Naveriani

Two men navigate the city of Tbilisi after a long night out. As day breaks, the true colours of their ambiguous relationship begin to show.

HORNBEAM (UK, 17 mins) Dir. Mark Pluck

Under cover of darkness, two strangers form an intimate bond over a shared secret. But how well do they really know each other?

JIM (UK, 15 mins) Dir. Tom Young

London, 1982. Father Jim Fitzsimmons waits nervously in the dark across the street from a line of rent boys. Among them, Simon stands out.

TOO ROUGH (UK, 15 mins) Dir. Sean Lìonadh

After a night of intoxication, Nick wakes up next to his boyfriend Charlie and must conceal him from his dysfunctional family.

Boys On Film 23: Dangerous To Know is available July 24 on worldwide, and most UK VOD platforms including BFI Player, Amazon Prime, Apple TV, Google Play, and in the US on Amazon Prime Video.

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