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New web series Life Out Loud explores queer experience from four perspectives

YouTube Originals, in partnership with The SpringHill Company, shine a spotlight on the importance of living an authentic queer life on your own terms in their new series, Life Out Loud.

We all experience similar moments and milestones – birthdays, anniversaries, etc. that may seem ordinary. But as told from unique perspectives, these stories illuminate the beauty in our lives. “Life Out Loud” is a show built out of YouTube Shorts (a short form vertical video product that allows the user to create up to 60 seconds of video content), following four amazing stories of creators from the LGBTQ+ community as they celebrate significant moments in their lives.

The series features popular personalities and creators including Project Runway alum, fashion designer and YouTube Shorts creator Gunnar Deatherage and his partner living their dream and visiting Europe for the first time; drag artiste Moni Stat putting on a one-of-a-kind birthday drag show in West Hollywood; YouTube Shorts Creators Haillee & Kendra celebrating their 1st wedding anniversary in California; and stylists Trey & James visiting their very first NYC Fashion Week.

As YouTube Shorts these stories stand alone, but when strung together with the help of host Gunnar Deatherage’s narration, they capture the beauty of these individuals and the similarities of their celebrations.

Life Out Loud can be found on the YouTube Originals channel.



Gunnar Deatherage is a YouTube Creator, personality, and fashion designer from Indiana.  In Life Out Loud,”we follow Gunnar as he and his partner take a milestone trip to Europe to celebrate all of his accomplishments in the creative and fashion space. They tour locations including Milan, Prague, and Paris. Gunnar serves as our key character and narrator, and helps connect all stories. Prior to the trip, Gunnar had been feeling down and uninspired. Everything changed when he found an old goal list of things he wanted to achieve and realized that he had checked off everything on the list except for a trip to Europe. This trip was the newfound inspiration he needed both personally and professionally to revitalize and renew his creativity.


Stylists James and Trey are a young, gay couple living together in Dallas. In “Life Out Loud,” we experience the craziness of attending their first New York Fashion Week, while celebrating James’ birthday. As Black men entering into the fashion and modeling worlds, this trip to New York opened doors of opportunity for them signifying a turning point in their career and their relationship.


Moni Stat is an Asian-American drag queen based in Los Angeles. Moni is well known for her Asian drag tour titled SENSAZN. In “Life Out Loud,” Moni Stat is marking her birthday with a special drag show brunch in West Hollywood with her chosen community. This moment is not only an opportunity to celebrate her birthday, but to also highlight her mission of supporting and shedding light on the AAPI experience within the LGBTQ+ community.


YouTube creators Hailee and Kendra are a couple based in St. Louis. In “Life Out Loud,” they are hitting their first year of marriage and five years of dating. We follow Hailee and Kendra as they celebrate their anniversary with a trip to California, one of their favorite places. The multi-day celebration consists of beach visits, dinner, brunch with family and a trip to Disneyland to honor the obstacles they have overcome to reach this milestone and the joy of legally binding their love for each other

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