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New York’s NewFest: Enjoy in theatre or at home

A big plus of the more virtual world we are living in is one is able to go to film festivals from Coast to Coast and not necessarily have to leave their home.

Over the past several months, I’ve been to San Francisco, Palm Springs and Atlanta to catch the latest and greatest LGBTQ+ films – and many of those screenings, I actually did from home – thanks to the virtual theatre experience.

We’re now knee-deep in New York’s 33rd annual NewFest and it’s a festival I always wanted to attend. It’s happening right now on the East Coast, through October 26, but I wasn’t able to make it in person. But lucky me – I can screen a lot of their content at home.
Here are a few highlights.

Cut!” don’t know if we’re supposed to not like it but it’s a movie about a bad filmmaker whose cast is being killed and all fingers point towards him. The movie itself has a lot of plot holes and it almost seems it’s making fun of itself in being as bad as the movies he makes.

Firebird,” a hit at other festivals, is about a romance between two Russian men during the cold war. This is very intense and, at the same time, romantic in a hash-hash way.

Homebody” is kind of “Freaky Friday” ish about a kid who spiritually enters the body of his babysitter, with comical and sometimes near-tragic results.

Jump, Darling” has a bravura performance by Cloris Leachman who develops a wonderful friendship with her grandson, who at first comes to town to use her.

Metamorphosis” tackles a seldom reviewed subject of someone who has the physical hardware of both male and female, causing confusion, conflict and exploration.

Passing” has no advanced screening but it does have a lot of Oscar buzz and likely will be one of the highlights of the festival.

Potato Dreams of America” keeps winning awards about a young Russian boy who travels to the US with his mother – while having to navigate a new country as he also discovers his true sexuality.

Raw! Uncut! Video!” is a documentary that showcases the kinky and yet safe side of sexual fetishes.=

Sweetheart” is a refreshing and fun film about a young angst-ridden girl trying to explore her sexuality while on a family vacation.

The Sixth Reel” returns drag legend Charles Busch to the screen in a madcap homage to screwball comedies.
These movies and more are live and virtual. Check out the whole program at www.newfest.org.

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