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Outstanding election results for LGBTQ+ candidates

Nine LGBTQ+ Victory Fund candidates won their races for the state legislature in the Nov. 7 general election in Virginia, including Danica Roem, who will become the first out transgender state senator in the South. And there were more great results for queer candidates in PA, FL, and NJ.

Notably, the election of Joshua Cole in District 65, resulted in flipping the House of Delegates back to a pro-equality majority. Non-incumbent LGBTQ+ candidates Laura Jane Cohen, Rozia Henson and Adele McClure won their House of Delegates races alongside incumbent Delegates Kelly Convirs-Fowler, Marcia Price and Mark Sickles. Senator Adam Ebbin also won reelection.

Out trans incumbent Danica Roem won her race, becoming the first out state senator in the South

LGBTQ+ Victory Fund President & CEO Annise Parker released the following statement: “Today, voters across Virginia resoundingly rejected the politics of bigotry and fear directed at the LGBTQ+ community. In Virginia and around the country, tonight’s results show that hate is a losing issue at the ballot box. We’re proud that our LGBTQ+ Victory Fund candidates were key to delivering a pro-equality majority in the General Assembly that will stand up to Glenn Youngkin’s bigoted policies. With so much on the line, Virginia was a top priority for LGBTQ+ Victory Fund this cycle. We’re joining with LGBTQ+ Virginians in all corners of the Commonwealth who are celebrating a new chapter in Virginia politics, one that includes all Virginians.”

Patty Sheehan was re-elected to City Commission in Orlando and celebrated her victory with drag

LGBTQ+ Victory Fund candidate Rue Landau won an at-large seat on the Philadelphia City Council, making history as the first out LGBTQ+ candidate to win election to the council. Until today, Philadelphia was the last major city to have never elected an out councilmember. 

LGBTQ+ Victory Fund President & CEO Annise Parker released the following statement: “Rue’s victory today is a cause for celebration for Philadelphia’s LGBTQ+ community, who will be represented on in City Hall for the first time. Voters spoke loudly and clearly – Philadelphians want to make progress and they trust Rue to bring their voices to the Council. We’re excited to see Rue take office and get to work making Philadelphia a more equitable city for all.” 

More out LGBTQ+ candidates have run for office in 2023 than ever before in an odd election year. See live election results for all 166 LGBTQ+ Victory Fund candidates on the November ballot at victoryfund.org/results2023

Luanne Peterpaul becomes the first out LGBTQ woman elected to the NJ State Assembly

Rainbow wave

Over 200 out LGBTQ+ candidates won their elections in 2023 – including 148 tonight – more than in any other odd-numbered election year in U.S. history. The number of victories is expected to rise as more election results come in. The previous record was in 2021, when 184 out LGBTQ+ candidates won.
More LGBTQ+ candidates ran in 2023 than ever before. At least 514 ran and 312 were on the ballot today, according to LGBTQ+ Victory Fund’s Out on the Trail report.
Mayor Annise Parker, President & CEO of LGBTQ+ Victory Fund, released the following statement about the historic election night: “Bigoted politicians attempted to use LGBTQ+ people as a political weapon, but voters rejected those cynical tactics. Anti-LGBTQ attacks failed across the nation, particularly in Virginia. Tonight, we elected a historic number of LGBTQ+ candidates who are ready to serve their communities. Tonight’s rainbow wave is a testament to the perseverance of LGBTQ+ political power and a bellwether for the 2024 election cycle. Equality wins elections – not culture war scare tactics.”

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