Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Podcasts We Love! Professional Friends

This week’s LGBTQ+ podcast we love is Professional Friends. Hosts Calvin Cato and Carolina Hidalgo are joined by their friends, comedians Anna Paratore and John Bevacqua. Each episode is like being a fly on the wall while four friends discuss the ups-and-downs of their careers and romantic lives.

We had the chance to meet Calvin, recently named one of Time Out New York’s The LGBTQ comedians of color you should know, and ask him our usual Podcast questions!

Richard Jones: What made you start or get involved with the podcast?

Calvin Cato: So I’ve known Carolina for a while, met John a couple of times in passing, and met Anna from the show. Carolina is a wonderful podcast host and producer and she really had the idea to have us all together talking about all kinds of topics. She’s really good at keeping the conversation going and I generally overshare about EVERYTHING so it was a great match.

RJ: What podcasts do you like to listen too?

CC: I listen to a wide range of podcasts. I love listening to The Read, which is a great podcast hosted by two queer people of color where they talk about pop culture and mild politics. I also listen to Race Chasers and The Shade of It All, two really fun podcasts about RuPaul’s Drag Race.

RJ: Who is your favorite guest so far… evil question I know?!

CC: Sadly we don’t have guests but we’re all each other’s faves!

RJ: Who do you wish you could invite on the show and why?

CC: Hmmm, good question… Idris Elba. Mainly because he has that suave accent and I could just listen to him read the phone book. Also, I could just look at him read the phone book. Plus I bet he smells nice.

RJ: What’s your favorite Cocktail?

For daytime, mimosas! For lunchtime, White Russians! For nighttime, gin and ginger ales!

To listen to Calvin and the Professional Friends Podcast head here

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