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‘Pose’ star Indya Moore launches TranSanta

The actor and activist has launched a campaign to ensure transgender youth receive needed gifts this Christmas.

The 25-year-old Pose star and non-binary role model launched TranSanta, an initiative that lets users anonymously gift presents to the most in-need trans kids and young adults.

But these are not your average Christmas wish lists; these are essentials such as food, clothing, medical care, and housing, at a time when transgender folks are struggling to get by during the pandemic.

“Hi my name is Calvin, I am a 20 year old disabled trans man. With doctor payments and saving for college money has been tight. I am I’m in dire need of clothes that aren’t worn out and fit, any help will be appreciated. Thank y’all for your time and stay safe.”⁠⠀

“Hi I’m a Latino trans boy in Portland Oregon I’m homeless and want to participate. Thank you.”

“Trans issues don’t receive much visibility or attention unfortunately, but this year has been the most violent and deadly for my community,” posted Moore on Instagram.

Theo, 18, is a homeless transman who has made a wish via TransSanta

Moore came up the idea for TranSanta with friend and ACLU attorney Chase Strangio.

Moore, who grew up in the Bronx in foster care, says they “want to make sure that trans kids feel like they are a gift to this world because they are. Acceptance and love are gifts we all deserve all year.”

Via the TranSanta Instagram page, which has more than 33,000 followers, users can read letters submitted by almost 200 trans and GNB youth. Users can then select to “Give” and to be taken to a Target registry with the selected trans youth’s wish list.

LGBTQ youth make up 40% of the youth homeless population in the United States, despite representing only 7% of the general youth population, according to True Colors United. According to the HRC, 2020 has seen record rates of violence against the transgender community. A majority of the demographic is also at risk of self-harm, according to the National Center for Transgender Equality.

Read the TranSanta wishlists here.

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