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Tina Burner and friends record first Ptown Christmas album

The Crown & Anchor, Provincetown’s premier property and entertainment complex, just released its first-ever album!

The holiday album, Provincetown Follies: Holly Folly at The Crown, features 13 queerly-reimagined tracks  by 15 local Provincetown artists including Qya Cristál, Tina Burner, Jon Richardson, Zoë Lewis, the Crown’s owner, Jonathan Hawkins, and more.

Recorded in Room 9 Studios at the Moffett House in Provincetown and produced by Yaron Spiwak and Jonathan Hawkins, the album includes traditional holiday songs like Do You Hear What I Hear? and Joy to the World, plus queer twists on the classics like 12 Gays of Christmas.

“Growing up in the church, Christmas time was always my favorite,” said Jonathan Hawkins, co-owner and general manager of the Crown & Anchor. “The brass, chimes, bells, and strings would come together, and something magical would happen. I felt Christmas. It was one of the only ‘seasons’ where I truly ‘felt the spirit.’ Whether that feeling was  Jesus, the lush orchestrations, or a perfectly placed key change, I was hooked. Even after leaving the church, this music stuck with me. I think it’s universal. It can bring people together. It’s the music of the season, no matter what you believe.”

With original cover artwork by Heather MacFarland, this album is available to stream on all platforms and for purchase on iTunes and Amazon Music. Prints of the original album cover artwork are also available for sale at and come with a link for a digital download. A perfect digital stocking stuffer, proceeds from the album and cover art purchases support the Provincetown Performing Arts Fund, whose mission is to fund housing for local artists.

Provincetown is where so many LGBTQ+ people have learned to love themselves. Where many first find acceptance. For artists, Ptown offers a sanctuary to experience the freedom of authentic expression. However, the holidays can leave many people feeling conflicted. The joy that holiday music brings so many can also represent shame and sorrow for others.

“Holiday traditions, especially its music and its ‘message,’ have not always embraced the LGBTQ+ community,” said Hawkins. “For many of us, the magic of holiday music has been diminished by the churches, the ‘holders of holiday spirit,’ that have for so long left us out, asking us to come with voices, but to leave behind our hearts and our true selves. This music represents peace, hope, and joy. It’s for all of us who choose to LOVE one another. Somewhere in the world, there is a queer person hearing this music and, for the first time, experiencing its true message,” said Hawkins.

Stream Provincetown Follies: Holly Folly at The Crown on all major music streaming services including Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and others.

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