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Cooking couple sells out New Yorker Festival

If you’d gotten in early, you could’ve ordered a curated meal from Dacha 46 along with their interview!

Tickets to the October 5 event included on-demand access to Helen Rosner’s interview with chef couple, Jessica and Trina Quinn. But just because you missed this excellent culinary experience doesn’t mean you can’t get another, at another time.

Married chefs Jessica and Trina started Dacha 46, an Eastern European pop-up created in October 2020 right out of their Brooklyn walk-up apartment. The couple named it Dacha after the Eastern European summer home ideal where city folk get away and grow things to eat, and 46 after the birth year of Jessica’s influential mother.

As a food concept, Dacha 46 applies a seasonal and fresh approach to classic Eastern European dishes, slightly redefining them and bringing them to the modern table. After many years spent working in different kitchens, Jessica and Trina’s shared love and appreciation of Jess’s Latvian Ukrainian culture led to late night meals of pelmeni and day off excursions to Brighton Beach.

This is a taste of what the New Yorker Festival menu offered:

  • Celery-root shashlik bathed in spicy adjika butter, grilled and lacquered with pomegranate molasses, with sumac yogurt on the side
  • Plov (pilaf) and house pickles
  • Oreshki, a traditional Eastern European shortbread cookie baked in a Soviet walnut mold and filled with creamy dulce de leche as well as chopped toasted walnuts

NB: this meal is vegetarian.

Find out more here and support this female foodie couple!

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