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Queer Indigenous artist Jayli Wolf refuses to be silent in new single “Hush”

Jayli Wolf releases the single as a precursor to her forthcoming EP Wild Whisper due out June 18.

The empowered doomsday cult survivor turned activist, actress, filmmaker, and alt-pop singer-songwriter-producer made an unforgettable entrance with the launch of her award-winning debut Child of the Government this year. Jayli’s father was one of the Indigenous children torn from their families and culture during the 1960s in Canada. 

As we continue to follow Jayli Wolf on her journey towards redemption, “Hush” opens another gateway for post-traumatic growth and enlightenment. With stirring poetic vocals over lush electrified sonics, the three-and-a-half minute song is amplified by an alluring visual in which a liberated Wolf takes full ownership of her sensuality and unfettered bisexual orientation. The new single unpacks the multi-hyphenate act’s earliest memories of passion and self-discovery, ultimately plunged by her mother’s family members (devoted Jehovah’s Witnesses). Wolf is an Anishinaabe/Cree artist and creative based out of Toronto, Canada.

Jayli Wolf | Photo: Hayden Wolf

“My first true love with another girl (a fellow cult member) was filled with guilt and shame. We would pray together for forgiveness over the desires that we had every day. I believed Jehovah would destroy me in Armageddon,” Jayli Wolf explains, “Being free now, my deprogramming has also allowed me to question the societal conditioning around relationships and sexual orientation. I hope this song brings people feelings of power and freedom in their own personal explorations.”

Like many in the LGBTQ2SIA+ community, coming out and coming to terms with her sexuality was a long, often guilt-ridden process—one that was exponentially difficult in a high-control religious group. While this is her story by her definition, “Hush” serves as an ode for all seeking to advocate their queerness and find power in their truth.

The Wild Whisper EP (due out June 18) is a musical and visual exploration of Jayli Wolf’s experience leaving the Jehovah’s Witnesses religion she was raised in, working through issues concerning mental health, sexual abuse, and high-control religious groups. The six-part narrative concludes with the celebration of life and lessons learned, moving forward through trials and tribulations, and the reclamation of her Indigenous heritage. 

“I finally have the courage to use my voice to tell these stories. I hope this project will be able to shed light on and raise awareness of these subject matters,” Jayli Wolf notes, “We can forgive for our own healing. The road ahead is long, and change takes time.”

Listen here.

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