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Social Change through Social Media: #queerypronounchallenge

On July 14th, Queery relaunched their #queerypronounchallenge in honor of International Non-Binary People’s Day. 

The challenge had four simple steps. 1. Add your pronouns to your social media bio and Zoom Account.  2. Take a screenshot of your profile. 3. Post it online with #queerypronounchallenge. 4. Tag 5 others to do the same.

The rationale behind this challenge is to normalize the sharing of pronouns in the digital world.  This normalization encourages people to share their pronouns as well as ask others for theirs, reduces assumptions made about someone’s pronouns and misgendering, and inspires discussion about gender.  Sharing one’s pronoun is a profound statement that says, “I don’t assume you know my gender and I won’t assume I know yours.”  

Within a week of the #queerypronounchallenge, more than 50 social media profiles have included pronouns in their bios. Queery also started an official account on Instagram specifically for this challenge. It showcases profiles that have pronouns and offers tips on how to be a better ally and practice pronouns in person.  One of their posts even encourages organizations to add “they, them, theirs” to their accounts in solidarity with those who are joining this challenge individually.  Another post highlight how including pronouns in emails can lead to thoughtful discussions in the workplace about inclusivity.

Although adding pronouns to one’s digital profile and email signature is not new, it has gained more traction in recent years. For example, last year on July 21st, NBC News reported that democratic presidential candidate Senator Elizabeth Warren, former San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro and NYC Mayor Bill DeBlasio added pronouns to their Twitter accounts.  

Queer Forty is joining these political leaders and taking on the #queerypronounchallenge this summer by adding pronouns to our social media accounts as well as challenging others to do the same.

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James Young

James Young teaches social sciences at Monroe College in the Bronx, NY and facilitates authentic discussions through art-based educational LGBTQ+ programs. He is a co-founder of

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