Thursday, April 25, 2024

Randy Rainbow guest stars on Mary Trump’s latest podcast

The Mary Trump Show talks with Randy Rainbow on the Don’t Say Gay Bill, the increasing intensity from Republicans, and his memoir.

In the latest episode of THE MARY TRUMP SHOW, polemicist and best-selling author Mary Trump welcomes viral sensation and three-time Emmy-nominated musical comedian Randy Rainbow. 

In addition to talking about his memoir Playing with Myself, their common love for Patti LuPone, helping people through the pandemic lockdown, and his popular ‘Donald Jessica Trump’ reference, Randy was asked about his thoughts on the increasing intensity from the Republican party, particularly at the state level:

“There’s a rise in hate all across the board unfortunately – from antisemitism to LGBTQ to women – it’s horrifying. I think Donald ‘Jessica’ had a lot to do with it. He unearthed a lot of s**t and we’re now seeing the effects of it. I don’t know how you get that genie back in the bottle…but he kind of made it acceptable to be completely reckless.”

Randy also commented on the language around the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill: “It’s all just blatant dog whistle nonsense that everyone’s just trying to rile their base because that’s what they learned to do from their lord and savior. And unfortunately, there’s an audience for it.”

About The Mary Trump Show

THE MARY TRUMP SHOW is available twice a week – on Tuesdays and live on YouTube every Thursday at 7pm ET/4pm PT. Mary offers an unfiltered view on the week’s events by leveraging Mary’s insider knowledge and valued relationships. The podcast features special guests each week to join Mary for in-depth, lively discussions politics, pop culture and everything in between with fun and laughter along the way. Recent guests include the Meiselas Brothers, The Atlantic’s Norm Ornstein, Esquire political blogger Charlie Pierce, Adam Parkhomenko, Rachel Vindman, Marissa Rothkopf, Dr. Kavita Patel and David Rothkopf.

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