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Roberto Concepción went from single gay dad by choice to children’s book author

On the latest episode of the Queer Family Podcast, Jaimie Kelton sits down with Roberto Concepción to chat about his journey to solo parenthood as a gay dad through surrogacy.

After his daughter’s birth, Roberto Concepción noticed a severe gap in representation for families like his, and so, in true badass style, he decided to change that.

He wrote and self-published a children’s book called “More Than a Crown” to show his daughter a family like hers in the pages. It’s all about embracing different family setups and encouraging kids to shake up old-school expectations.

“Less than 2% of children’s books are written by someone that’s Latinx and similarly, less than 2% of children’s books have LGBTQIA plus representation,” says Roberto.

In More Than a Crown: An Empowering Princess Book for Kids, which is a diverse princess book for girls ages 4-8, four royal friends redefine what it means to “act like a princess.” Together, the brave girls discover that their dreams are even more valuable than their crowns.

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