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Rufus Wainwright releases striking house music video

The Grammy-nominated artist stuns with “Solitude of Heart.”

Legendary house DJs and producers Fred Falke and Zen Freeman aka AMPERSOUNDS release their debut EP today via the iconic West End Records and BMG. They are joined by GRAMMY® Award nominated artist Rufus Wainwright for two incredible tracks, including the previously released “TECHNOPERA”anda brand new song, “SOLITUDE OF HEART”.

Along with the release of the EP, comes an official music video for “SOLITUDE OF HEART,” directed by Sean Augustine (Glass Battles).

“Solitude of Heart was the first single that we made with Rufus on this EP,” AMPERSOUNDS’ Fred Falke and Zen Freeman reveal. “We were poring over poetry by Rabindranath Tagore for a few hours drinking tea and in that space we created Solitude of Heart. His voice has such depth and feeling when we layered his vocals using a vintage modular synthesizer we were able to produce something that feels very dreamlike. The video that was created for this song takes you further into that realm, a colorful, lush and mesmerizing dream. On the next single Technopera we decided to continue exploring the visuals of a dream state, but with an apocalyptic edge.”

Speaking about the new track Rufus Wainwright adds, “I love sometimes working with existing lyrics and Solitude of Heart by Rabindranath Tagore seemed incredibly fitting for our time. There is something very laid back about the track but also deep at the same time. I think it is the perfect track to listen to in the middle of the night. And we all know those can be very long so one can listen over and over again.”

Fred Falke, Rufus Wainwright and Zen Freeman

With the release of “TECHNOPERA,” Wainwright revealed exclusively to Variety: “I am super proud of the work that I did with Zen and Fred. It was liberating as a songwriter to have a platform to jump off from and only have to think about the melody and lyrics and let someone else create the track. It is unlike anything that I have ever done but somehow there still is a lot of Rufus in it. I hope that people will party to the tracks, safely of course, but we all deserve a little party I think.”

Zen and Fred added, “Rufus is an exceptional talent and we had a fantastic time collaborating with him on this project. We created rich textures with strong electronic elements which we feel resonated perfectly with Rufus’ depth and intensity.”

AMPERSOUNDS’ debut EP is out now

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