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Taste Mexico City’s latest culinary gem, LINA

If you’re in Mexico City this March or beyond and want to support innovative women chefs who are changing the local culinary scene, stop by LINA helmed by Chef Mariana Villegas.

Chef Mariana Villegas took all the learning and inspiration acquired during her time in kitchens around the world (Cosme, NY; Fulgurances L’Adresse, Paris and Contramar, Mexico City) to bring home to her own fresh approach contemporary creative cuisine.

LINA is her creation of inspired culinary masterpieces. Nestled in a historic quarry house, an architectural gem that infuses the place with an atmosphere of tradition and authenticity in the heart of the Roma neighborhood, this space is a tribute to the richness of Mexico City.

The kitchen focuses on exceptional culinary technique and genuine flavors resulting in a high-level gastronomic experience that is surprisingly fresh and authentic, while demonstrating that beauty is found in simplicity.

“The entire concept of LINA is designed for total enjoyment, from the playlist, tableware, and venue decoration, but above all, the menu proposal. The dishes are created to be enjoyed, to touch emotions,” says Chef Mariana Villegas. “We seek to provide a sense of familiarity and comfort while at the same time surprising and innovating both in presentation and flavor.”

Since its opening in late 2023, LINA stands out for its commitment to using local and seasonal ingredients, with a particular emphasis on the local seafood and animal protein, as well as vegetables grown in farms in Mexico City and its surroundings. The use of wood and smoke cooking not only elevates the flavors to new heights but also offers diners a visually captivating culinary experience, where live fire takes center stage.

LINA is not just a restaurant; it is an experience to savor while traveling to one of the culinary capitals of the world, a tribute to the rich heritage of Mexico City, and to visionary female fortitude in commercial kitchens.

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