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Singer Synes shines in gender-bending video for heartfelt single ‘The Man I Am’

With the release of his new single “The Man I Am”, Philadelphia-area electronic singer-songwriter Synes gives us a piece of himself, while also challenging gender stereotypes. He states via Facebook that the new song is a “‘Thank You’ to the ones who are there for you even when they aren’t there for themselves.” 

From the moment we hear the emotional and honest croon of Syne’s voice on the track, it is obvious that this song is coming from a real place. The song is personal, and he is choosing to share it with us. With deeply sincere and personal lyrics such as “You got me through it/ even when you couldn’t stand/ It’s ‘cause of you I am the man I am”, we feel his gratitude without knowing specifically who he’s speaking to – and this is the best part about the track. He could be talking to absolutely anyone, but it doesn’t change the message behind the lyrics. 

The video is dark and moody, but Synes’ shimmering gender non-conforming attire allows us to see the light that shines through the darkness. His attire against the dark backdrop of the video is a metaphor for the light that guided him through the darkness, and allowed him to find himself. He strips away layers throughout the video, and then emerges through the darkness in sparkling high heels with his hand on his hip, and confidently walks straight into his identity.

The track itself is a soft, mid-tempo electronic dance track that combines elements of the synth-pop and new wave dance music of the 80s, with the slow, rythmic and subtle basslines of modern dance/electronica. With this sincere and groovy track, Synes creates a mood that perfectly places us right in the middle of his feelings.  

Follow Synes on Instagram, Facebook, and visit his website at for more information and updates.

Watch the video for The Man I Am below!

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One thought on “Singer Synes shines in gender-bending video for heartfelt single ‘The Man I Am’

  • I love this song. It’s very sensual and not rushed. And it’s got that old-school Eighties gay electronic sound. But the best is Synes himself. Woof !


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