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Sizzling Summer reading: A Taste for Three by Ro Smith

Evocative novelist Ro Smith takes us between the covers of her erotic exploration of a female triad in A Taste for Three.

Alluring and avant-garde, this story serves to satisfy those innermost desires, exploring the uncharted intricacies of a three-woman relationship.

Eve and Chloe are the couple that becomes a triad when curvaceous beauty, Renae, brings a much-needed dose of desire, with unexpected consequences. Expertly written to underscore themes of exclusion, Ro Smith’s take on this largely unexplored lifestyle is absorbing no matter your sexual orientation.

The novel allows for heightened awareness and understanding by drawing on realistic dialogue and themes that resonate with all who have ever felt desire. More importantly, by featuring a strong black female lead, Ro Smith is bringing much-needed representation to an international readership.

“Being a lesbian woman of color, it has always been imperative to be seen within the pages of books,” Smith shared with Q40.

“Reading stories that I could resonate with was something I craved. I remember being a teen, going to bookstores and searching through countless books, hoping to find one that stood out. It never happened. Today, there are more Black, lesbian authors out there creating beautiful stories, but still, the pool is scarce. I aspire to join them and grow that number by writing stories that break heteronormative roles and debunk stigmas around sex and alternative lifestyles. A Taste For Three does just that. It touches on polyamory and gives realistic representation of the beauties and challenges of three women in love. Along with representation, this story also touches on the effects of mental health, toxic Christianity, and healthy conflict resolution.”

“I aspire to write stories that people of all orientations can read and enjoy, but most importantly, I aspire to write stories people will remember. That’s my dream.”

A Taste for Three follows on from Pandora’s Box, from Part 1 of her Little Book of Quickies Series—a three part series of sensual short stories.

Please enjoy this excerpt supplied by the author:

A Taste For Three excerpt:

I snuck into my own home. Tiptoed in my socks to surprise them in the bedroom. A trail of clothes led me there. Slippery moisture wetted my panties with every step I took in anticipation of the scene I would witness before me when I reached my destination. The trail ended with their underwear at the threshold separating bedroom from bathroom. I stood at an angle with a direct view of the shower. A voyeur with dishonorable intentions, surveilling two women fucking without their knowledge. My pussy begged for attention from my hand poised on my thigh, ready to service it until my mind processed what was going on within the glass-walled cubicle.

It wasn’t sex. Nor was it lovemaking. What they were doing extended beyond conventional terms. It was an exchange of souls. They poured and emptied into and out of each other’s bodies simultaneously. Clasped together in an embrace. A field of energy surrounded the two of them. Fluid and undulating. Visible to the eye if you knew what you were looking at. And I certainly did. They used the tip of a single finger to circle each other’s clits. A touch detectable on an atomic level. Joint effort for mutual pleasure. The juxtaposition of their two bodies was pleasing to the eye. Renae’s curvaceous form against Eve’s powerful, athletic figure. Renae’s hair tousled in a single, large afro puff, lifted away from her cinnamon face flushed with hot blood, and Eve’s locs cascaded down her front and back like dark vines on ebony skin. Forehead pressed against forehead. The pertness of their nipples tantalizing to the starved lips of anyone watching. They were the epitome of femininity. High levels of pranic energy made the environs buzz with its static byproduct. Breath was used as a transfer vessel. Synchronicity in their movements enlivened their spirits. Igniting electric vibrations to clear previously blocked channels from one chakra to another. Their free hands, with fingers spread wide on each other’s heart center, closed the loop. Tentacles of positive emotions dangled loosely from them, embroidered into webs. Love. Attraction. Profound trust. A scent diffused into the air and I caught a whiff from where I stood in the bedroom. It was potent eroticism. Their orgasms rang out as chimes of divinity. Writhing arousal spilled from gaping mouths. A sight that any woman-loving person would be aroused by. It was as I envisioned but with one key element absent: me.

A Taste for Three will be released on Amazon on August 31, 2022, with the kindle version available to pre-order here.

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