Sunday, May 19, 2024
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South Dakota passes bill banning gender-affirming care for trans kids

Members of the South Dakota Senate passed HB 1080 on Thursday, a bill that would ban age-appropriate, best practice gender-affirming care for transgender youth.

The bill was passed by the South Dakota House last week. The legislation, which will likely be signed into law by Governor Kristi Noem, would cause healthcare providers to lose their medical license or other certifications if they administer what is age appropriate, medically necessary, life-saving care to transgender children – care that is supported by every credible medical organization representing over 1.3 million doctors in the United States. South Dakota lawmakers are caving to a far-right pressure campaign spearheaded by political extremists and disinformation on social media and other platforms. It is one of hundreds of bills being pushed by national anti-LGBTQ+ organizations across dozens of states. 

Representative Kameron Nelson issued the following statement after passage of HB 1080, a ban on gender-affirming care for trans people. Representative Nelson is the only LGBTQ state lawmaker in South Dakota.

“This is a devastating day for South Dakota’s trans community. Gender-affirming care is lifesaving and this ban, if signed by Governor Noem, will have dire consequences. I am appalled that a legislature with zero trans lawmakers would make such a short-sighted, consequential decision. This is yet another step to erase queer people from South Dakota.”

In response, Cathryn Oakley, HRC’s State Legislative Director and Senior Counsel released the following statement: 

“South Dakota is once again leading the charge to harm transgender youth.  Lawmakers have staked out a radical position that is contrary to science, contrary to consensus best practices, and contrary to the best interests of transgender youth. In ignoring the facts and spreading dangerous misinformation about lifesaving care, these politicians are irrevocably harming young transgender kids – again. These lawmakers don’t know more about gender-affirming care  every major medical association, representing more than 1.3 million doctors.  We urge Governor Noem to reject this dangerous, discriminatory, and hurtful  legislation being sent to her desk today.” 

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