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The Forbidden Apple Podcast

Podcasts are more popular than ever, as more and more people find something that speaks to them. Many often find friendly and like-minded voices that help to guide them through the subjects they love.

I recently found Forbidden Apple, which sets out to explore the relationship between queer people and religion. This is not to say its a religious podcast, but more of a place where queer people can explore their thoughts in regards to religion as an influence, and how they either continue to embrace that, or leave it behind.

Melissa Weisz & Pelayo Alverez

Hosted by Pelayo Alvarez & Melissa Weisz, Forbidden Apple sets out to reaffirm the right of the LGBTQ community to express their own meaning of faith, while also increasing the representation of marginalized communities and perspectives. They aim to create a community of support for queer individuals with shared advice, and to showcase broader and kinder perspectives than the ones currently in the media.

They also aim to explore alternative ways of expressing religion and spirituality other than the ones featured in the traditional dogmas, while supporting the construction of a more tolerant and welcoming society that will celebrate LGBTQ voices.

Pelayo Alvarez hails from Spain, and was brought up in the Catholic faith, while Melissa Wiesz comes from Brooklyn, and was raised in the Hasidic Jewish community. Both hosts are passionate about allowing queer people to celebrate their faith — whatever it may be — without any judgement.

Previous guests on the show include:

Garrard Conley — author of The New York Times best-selling memoir Boy Erased, which was made into a movie by the same name. Conley opened up to the hosts about his rituals for writing, and how he uses his religious upbringing to fuel his stories. (click pic to listen)

Madison Hatch, who talked about her experience within the Mormon church. She shared her thoughts on receiving contradicting answers regarding polygamy, the women’s role in the church, and the lack of transparency with 10% tithe donations. (Click pic to Listen)

Rev. Liz Edman, Episcopal priest and political strategist who has been expanding people’s understanding of faith and sexuality for over 25 years. She shared her personal journey and the hurdles she had to overcome to become an openly queer priest. (Click the oic to listen)

After 26 years as an orthodox male, Josephine decided to transition while remaining religious. In this episode she opened up about the process and how her community and her family reacted. (Click the pic to listen)

Melissa and Pelayo have created something special that many queer people can relate to and enjoy. They have also created a series of live events that bring the listeners and guests together in a fun and friendly way.

So go have a listen, or come to an event!

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