Wednesday, February 21, 2024

The Two Moms Brown guest on Queer Family podcast

The Queer Family podcast with Jaimie Kelton & Friends has a new episode out!

This week’s episode features Lauren and Amanda of The Two Mom Browns on Instagram.

The Queer Family podcast S11, Ep 6 features the interracial lesbian moms who together are raising bi-racial, donor-conceived boys and building their happy family. They are also Instagram famous for documenting their reciprocal IVF journey and sharing their babywearing, co-sleeping, cloth diaper-wearing, and attachment-based mom-lives on the app.

They are doing it all and having it all. “We always joke that lesbian relationships travel at like three times the pace of straight relationships,” says Lauren.

“Not only are they beautiful on the outside, it turns out they’re gorgeous on the inside as well. But don’t just take my word for it, take a listen and tell me your thoughts!” says podcast host Jaimie Kelton.

Kelton is an award-winning actor, voiceover artist, podcast host and author. She is co-author of the book based on her podcast, If These Ovaries Could Talk: The Thing’s We’ve Learned About Making an LGBTQ Family.

Guest co-host Tom Coppola from S1 joins Jaimie to introduce the episode and give an update on how his known donor-conceived family has been doing since we last spoke.

For more information on the Queer Family podcast and to listen to the latest episode, go here. The previous episode featured Major Mamas, Ashley and Jonele. Listen to that episode here.

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