Monday, July 15, 2024
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Surprising findings in report on alcohol and the LGBTQ+ consumer

A new study from The Collage Group examines the relationship between LGBTQ+ consumers and alcoholic beverages.

Among other points, the study finds that:

  • LGBTQ+ drinkers have mostly maintained or reduced their alcohol consumption—during Dry January and beyond — citing physical health and cost as the primary reasons.
  • LGBTQ+ drinkers care more about a brand’s diversity and inclusion than non LGBTQ+ drinkers. However, in terms of a brand’s heritage, LGBTQ+ drinkers care less than other drinkers.
  • Among all ready-to-drink cocktail drinkers, most say convenience and taste are the reasons they prefer such drinks.
  • LGBTQ+ drinkers are more interested in high-energy environments than non LGBTQ+ drinkers.
  • Almost half of all drinkers say going out is too expensive. Eighteen percent of LGBTQ+ drinkers prefer to be in a large crowd when going out to drink.
  • LGBTQ+ beer drinkers are the most likely to patronize local brewers.
  • LGBTQ+ consumers are open to trying new brands, flavors, and types of alcoholic beverages, as well as their non-alcoholic substitutes, which they discover while traveling or at their restaurants, bar, or clubs they frequent.
  • LGBTQ+ consumers are digitally savvy consumers who like to connect with alcohol brands online for example by following them on social media or buying alcohol in a virtual setting like the Metaverse.

Click through some of the findings here:

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