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These were the most stylish TV shows of 2022

A new study has revealed that Euphoria is the most fashionable TV show of all time, while some of our other favorite queer-themed TV shows also made the list of those that shook the fashion industry.

The study, conducted by the fashion experts at Boohoo, analyzed Google search data for various search terms associated with fashion and outfits for every new and recurring TV show released in 2022 to reveal the most fashionable TV shows of the year. 

Euphoria | Photo: Hulu

The research revealed that Euphoria ranks as both the most fashionable TV show of 2022 and the most fashionable show of all time. Globally, folks search for terms associated with Euphoria’s fashion a whopping 132,900 times per month, placing the high school drama firmly in the top spot.  

Emily in Paris ranks as the second most fashionable TV show of 2022. The hit Netflix show receives an average of 39,900 searches a month globally for terms associated with the show’s fashion, including the term ‘Emily in Paris outfits’, which is searched for an average of 31,000 times a month worldwide. 

Emily in Paris | Photo: Netflix

The study revealed that Stranger Things is the third most fashionable show of the year. From bold hairdos to denim-on-denim, Stranger Things has influenced an 80s fashion resurgence and receives 28,800 average searches a month for fashion-related searches. 

The fourth most fashionable TV show of 2022 is Peaky Blinders. The world searches for terms associated with Peaky Blinders fashion 18,200 times per month, with the most popular search term being ‘Peaky Blinders fashion’, which receives an average of 7,300 searches each month worldwide.  

The White Lotus

The study placed Bridgerton next in the ranking, with 14,400 average monthly searches worldwide. The top ten is rounded out by Killing Eve ranking in sixth place, Heartstopper in seventh, followed by The Crown, The White Lotus, and Wednesday in eighth, ninth and tenth, respectively. 

Killing Eve
The most fashionable TV shows of all time 

Regarding the most fashionable TV shows of all time, the top four entries are all recent TV shows that have had a season released in 2022. Euphoria, Emily in Paris, Stranger Things, and Peaky Blinders occupy the top four rankings, respectively.  

The fifth most fashionable TV show of all time is Friends, which receives 16,500 monthly searches worldwide regarding its fashion. Friends is iconic for its trending 90s fashion choices, giving us some of the most memorable on-screen fashion moments in history. Additionally, the term ‘Rachel Green outfits’ receives an average of 35,000 monthly searches across the globe, despite the show’s finish in 2004. 


The study ranked Bridgerton just below Friends as the sixth most fashionable TV show of all time, with 14,400 monthly searches worldwide. That 70s Show placed next in the ranking, receiving 6,200 monthly searches for its fashion. The top ten is rounded out by Gossip Girl ranking in eighth place, followed by Sex and the City in ninth and Gilmore Girls in tenth place.

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