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Top 10 cities for the best Christmas experience

New data has revealed the top ten cities for the best Winter wonderland experience, and the results may surprise you.

The study, conducted by the online casino and sportsbook operator JeffBet, analyzed social media data to determine the top ten most talked-about U.K., U.S., Canadian, and European cities at this time of year. How were the findings arrived at? The cities with the most desirable hashtags on TikTok, including #WinterInNewYork and #LondonChristmasMarkets, made the top ten. So you can be sure that the picks below are based on what’s currently trending right now!

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London has been crowned as the city with the best winter experience. England’s capital has almost 71 million winter-related hashtags on social media. For example, #LondonChristmasMarket has 10.9 million mentions on TikTok, and the “Big Smoke” has countless places to visit, from ‘Borough Market at Christmas’ to ‘Christmas in Covent Garden’.

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New York takes the silver medal. The “Big Apple” ranks second in the top ten best cities to visit in the winter, with 69 million hashtags on Instagram and TikTok. New Year’s Eve is the most popular hashtag relating to winter in New York; #NYENewYork has 6.4 million hashtags, and #NewYorkNYE has 1.3 million hashtags on the social media platform.

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Manchester is the third-best winter city, with 25 million hashtags relating to winter. Despite often being called the “Rainy City”, Manchester is filled with winter activities for those in the Northwest of England. The city is home to the first Christmas Market in the U.K. that attracts more than nine million visitors yearly, with 13.3 million hashtags for #ManchesterChristmasMarket and 11.3 million hashtags for #ManchesterChristmasMarkets.

Photo: Thomas Ortega/Pexels

In fourth place, Edinburgh has 24.1 million hashtags relating to winter on TikTok, with 3.7 million hashtags for #EdinburghWinter. Scotland’s capital also has 12.8 million hashtags for #EdinburghChristmasMarket – which attracts over 2.4 million people annually – and 2.2 million hashtags for #ChristmasMarketsEdinburgh.

Photo: Celine/Pexels

Paris is the fifth best city to visit for a winter experience, with 21.1 million winter hashtags. France’s capital city is filled with activities, from drinking authentic Parisian hot chocolate to seeing the world-famous Eiffel Tower while snow falls from the sky. New Year’s Eve celebrations are quintessential in Paris, with #ParisNYE having 9.9 million hashtags and #NYEParis having 2.2 million hashtags on TikTok.

Photo: Jay Ngai/Pexels

In sixth place is Vienna. Austria’s capital has 12.8 million seasonal hashtags on TikTok, including 88,200 hashtags for #WinterInVienna. One winter experience that stands out is its iconic Christmas markets, with many stalls filled with seasonal food, drinks, and trinkets. #ViennaChristmasMarkets has 9.9 million hashtags alongside 1.6 million for #ChristmasMarketVienna.

Berlin is the seventh-best winter city. In total, there are 1.2 million seasonal hashtags on TikTok, including 4.6 million for #BerlinWinter. Berlin’s Christmas, bursting with mouth-watering Stollen and Silesian Bratwurst, is booming with tourists and residents eager for a winter experience. On TikTok alone, there are 3.7 million hashtags for #BerlinChristmasMarkets and 1.2 million for #ChristmasMarketBerlin.

In eighth place is Belfast. Nestled between picturesque mountains and Belfast Lough, its very own Christmas markets never disappoint with everything from fluffy Dutch pancakes to warming Irish coffee on offer. Ireland’s capital has 4.4 million hashtags for #BelfastChristmasMarkets and 1.5 million hashtags for #ChristmasMarketBelfast.

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Vancouver – surrounded by breathtaking mountains that turn into the perfect skiing slopes in the wintertime – is the ninth best city for a winter experience on TikTok, with 7.5 million winter hashtags.

And Poland’s Krakow rounds out the top ten best winter experiences on TikTok with 7 million seasonal hashtags.

Photo: Kristvin Gudmundsson/Pexels

A spokesperson at JeffBet has commented on the study: “With winter just around the corner, it’s almost time to start thinking about festive activities and celebrations carrying into the new year. This study highlights the best places for a winter experience for locals and visitors alike according to TikTok hashtag data, with London coming out on top alongside cities in the U.K., U.S., Canada and Europe.”

Source: JeffBet

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