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Top 5 LGBT Movies on Here TV

You can’t beat a good movie! Whether it’s kicking back at the weekend with friends, or just unwinding after work by yourself, movies can be great entertainment. What’s even better is that so many of our favorite LGBT made or themed movies are found on the leading LGBT streaming platform, Here TV.

Here are just a few we think you can’t miss!

Making the Boys!

‘The Boys in the Band’ the play originally premiered off-Broadway in 1968 and was revived on Broadway for its 50th anniversary in 2018.

In 1970 a film version was made directed by William Friedkin. The screenplay by Mart Crowley is based on his Off-Broadway play. It is among the first major American motion pictures to revolve around gay characters and is often cited as a milestone in the history of queer cinema, and is also thought to be the first mainstream American film to use the swear word cunt.

“Making the Boys” explores the drama, struggle and enduring legacy of the first-ever gay play and subsequent Hollywood movie to successfully reach a mainstream audience. Beloved by some for breaking new ground, and condemned by others for reinforcing gay stereotypes, The Boys in the Band sparked a heated controversy that still exists four decades later.

Real Boy

Winner of the Audience Award for Best Documentary at the Frameline Film Festival, “Real Boy” is an intimate story of a family in transition. As 19-year-old Bennett Wallace navigates sobriety, adolescence, and the evolution of his gender identity, his mother makes her own transformation from resistance to acceptance of her trans son. Along the way, both mother and son find support in their communities, reminding us that families are not only given, but chosen.

“Poignant, raw, and incredibly heartfelt–a testament to the great filmmaking” – The Advocate


“Daddy” is an American comedy-drama film, released in 2015. The directorial debut of Gerald McCullouch, the film is based on the play by Dan Via. The film stars McCullouch and Via as Colin McCormack and Stewart Wisniewski, two gay men in their late 40s. If you don’t know the play and haven’t seen the film… we highly recommend it as it has a very quirky twist at the end!


If you like horror, and we know some of you do, then “Pitchfork” is one of the better gay horror films.

After sharing a secret about himself, Hunter brings a group of friends from NYC back to his family farm for a weekend break. They quickly learn that secrets can be deadly as they are stalked by a twisted and disturbed beast, Pitchfork.


Here Comedy Presents Kate Clinton

If horror isn’t your thing then you might want to grab some comedy! Kate Clinton is an actress, comedian and writer who wrote the ‘L Word’. No topic is too taboo to conquer in this stand-up performance from legendary comedienne Kate Clinton who offers her riotous take on feminism, lesbianism, and life.


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