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Top 5 classic Christmas movies

A handful of heartwarming favorite films for the festive season, from us to you!

I love Christmas, I am very lucky that the magic my parents created has stayed with me and my sister Suzzana to this day. We have many traditions and Christmas themed films are very much part of that. So to help you along with your festivities, especially as we are staying home more than previous years, let me give you a nice kickstarter to classic Christmas movies that My family loves, then go watch everything Christmas themed, this year has some fab new films that are sure to be classics one day too. Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays.

The Family Stone

To me this is now a modern classic, it has a typical family, with lots of shenanigans in the run up to Christmas day with an all star cast! It has the first gay couple to pop up on a major hollyood christmas movie as well. Sarah Jessica Parker, Rachel Mcdams, & Patrick Mulrooney (and more) star along side the perfect mum Diane Keaton, grab the tissues, this one is a tear jerker too! Available on HULU and just to cement its classic status available to own at the Turner Classic Movie store here.

Brian J White & Tyrone Giordano | Photo:

Meet Me in St Louis

This sumptuous Vincente Minelli classic starring Judy Garland is not technically a Christmas movie as it covers a time span across a full year, including Halloween. But Judy Garland singing “Have your self a Merry Little Christmas” is so Christmassy it can’t not be on this list – Interestingly it pops up in The Family Stone as Susannah Stone (Elizabeth Reaser) is watching the movie on Christmas eve, and we catch Judy Singing it for a few moments in that film too! The Lyrics of this song seem particularly apt this year. Available at the TCM shop here & HBO Max.

Judy Garland | Photo: TCM

Miracle on 34th Street

This is a fairly new film to me, as we dont have Macy’s or Thanksgiving in the UK, so it was not one we grew up with. But my own father played a department store santa, witha real white beard and he also knew a little sign language so he could chat with deaf chilkdren. So of course this movie just warms my heart. The whole legal aspect makes me chuckle too. Well worth a watch to get you in the mood to welcome Santa ready for Christmas. Head to the TCM shop and get your very own copy here.

Natalie Wood & Edmund Glenn | Photo: TCM

It’s a Wonderful Life

Perhaps one of the most iconic movies, again set on a longer timeline than Christmas, but the story comes to a head at Christmas. I had the immense pleasure of meeting Karolyn Grimes (Zuzu) , at a film convention, she was adorable of course, what a thrill to connect so wonderfully to a favorite film of mine and a big favorites of my mum’s, so of course I got an autograph for her. Available on Amazon Prime and to own at TCM here.

Donna Reed, James Stewart & Karolyn Grimes | Photo: Twitter

White Christmas

This is my all time favorite, wherever my sister and I find ourselves on Christmas Eve we have to put it on and watch it until after midnight. It was our dad’s favorite too, Danny Kayes silly antics would have him fits of laughter! The casting is of course superb, the crooner, and the funny man, and two gorgeous hollywood gals, one dancer and one singer. It became a huge favorite and with the song “White Christmas” already a big hit for Bing Crosby (1st heard on the radio in 1941) it was not long before this movie became a huge hit of its own. Buy the movie at the TCM shop here. Also find it on Netflix!

Rosemary Clooney and Vera Ellen | Photo: TCM

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