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Plume and Solace provide gender-affirming hormone therapy via app

Plume, the first health tech company built for the transgender community, has been named Preferred GAHT Provider for Solace, a free app for iOS and Android that guides people through the gender transition process. 

The partnership provides those seeking Gender-Affirming Hormone Therapy (GAHT) a guided virtual experience from the moment they inquire about GAHT to the moment they receive it. Solace provides medical, legal and lifestyle guidance for trans folks, allowing users to create custom roadmaps for their transition via a mobile application. Plume provides safe, expert, and affirming GAHT through the convenience of a smartphone guided by a team that is mostly trans themselves. 

When Solace users seek gender-affirming hormone therapy services on the app, they will be informed that Plume can help accomplish this goal. Plume supports individuals on their GAHT journey with access to virtual consultations, doctor appointments, check-ups, prescriptions for hormone treatments, lab tests and surgery letters of support.

“Our mission at Plume is to provide quality gender-affirming care in all communities where trans people seek it and this partnership will help us broaden our footprint in new and existing markets,” said Soltan Bryce. “Solace is a trusted and valued resource for trans folks everywhere, and we’re honored to partner with them to expand access to life-saving gender-affirming hormone therapy.”

By providing virtual GAHT services, Plume allows its members to bypass in-person clinic visits, which can be rife with discriminatory practices, long waiting periods and insurance hurdles. For $99 a month, Plume members receive 24/7 access to gender affirming care from the convenience of their smartphone, never having to step inside a doctor’s office.

“In a lot of ways, the modern trans tech movement was born out of the work that Plume and Solace have already done individually. Both services are unique solutions for a community with unique needs, executed in a way that we’ve never really seen before in trans tech products. A partnership like this was inevitable in many ways,” said Robbi Katherine Anthony, Executive Director of Solace.

“Our guiding value is restoring agency and dignity for this community via technological solutions. Plume’s innovative service is a great fit for that mission. We’re lucky to have Plume as a partner to enhance Solace as a platform.”

Plume is currently available in CA, NY, FL, CO, TX, NC, VA, OR, MA, MN, ME and PA, and is expanding rapidly. 

To find out if Plume is available in your community you can download the Solace app at www.solace.lgbt or visit www.getplume.co to get started.

About Plume

Plume is the first health technology company built for the transgender community focused on radically increasing access to medication and products for the trans- and broader queer community, supporting a bold, authentic and healthy lifestyle. Its vision is to make gender-affirming care available to anyone, anywhere until it improves healthcare for every trans life. 

Plume is currently available to over 60% of the trans population across CA, NY, FL, CO, TX, NC, VA, OR, MA, MN, ME and PA and is growing rapidly.

About Solace

Solace is a not-for-profit mobile application for iOS and Android, developed in Spokane, WA and launched on 12/31/2019. Lauded as the most comprehensive guide to transition ever made, its mission is to empower transgender individuals to have agency in their gender transition by providing access to credible, relevant information and allowing users to create a custom roadmap toward accomplishing their personal goals. 

By providing the current, relevant information for each person’s goals and then allowing them to mark the task complete, Solace empowers its users to complete these tasks with confidence and see themselves moving forward through their transition in real time.

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