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Victory Fund endorses 46 more LGBTQ candidates

LGBTQ Victory Fund, the only national organization dedicated to electing LGBTQ leaders to public office, endorsed 46 more out LGBTQ candidates.

Victory Fund has now endorsed 381 candidates running in the 2022 midterms, including Delaware state Senator Sarah McBride who in 2020 became the first trans state senator in U.S. history. There are a record number of out trans candidates running this year.

Candidates given Spotlight status include Celia Israel who is running for Mayor of Austin, Texas, Ally Layman who is running for the West Virginia House of Delegates, Mary Moriarty who is running for Hennepin County Attorney and Omar Torres who is running for San Jose City Council.

Mayor Annise Parker, President & CEO of LGBTQ Victory Fund, released the following statement about the endorsements:  

“We are seeing historic momentum behind LGBTQ candidates this year as voters get energized and motivated to elect leaders that represent the true diversity of America. We are proud to support these highly qualified LGBTQ leaders who are ready to represent their communities in government. Come November, their success will be a clear sign that we will not – and cannot – go back. We must continue fighting for progress so that future generations can live in a truly equitable and equal society. Until then, we will continue strengthening our political power by building a rainbow bench of LGBTQ leaders.”

The complete list of candidate endorsements announced is below:  

Celia Israel

Spotlight Endorsements

Celia Israel (she/her) 

Mayor of Austin, TX 

General: 11/8/2022 

Runoff: 12/13/2022 

Ally Layman (she/her) 

West Virginia House of Delegates, District 24 
General: 11/8/2022 

Mary Moriarty (she/her) 

Hennepin County Attorney, MN 

General: 11/8/2022 

Omar Torres (he/him) 

San Jose City Council, District 3, CA 

General: 11/8/2022 

Lorena Austin

General Candidates

Lorena Austin (she/they)  

Arizona House of Representatives, District 9 

General: 11/8/2022 

Todd Cimino-Johnson (he/him)  

Leesburg City Council, VA 

General: 11/8/2022  

Patricia Contreras (she/her) 

Arizona House of Representatives, District 12 

General: 11/8/2022 

Megan Cottington-Heath (she/her)  

Saginaw County 10th Circuit Court, MI 

General: 11/8/2022  

April Christina Curley (she/her)  

Baltimore City Board of Education, MD 

General: 11/8/2022  

Brion Curran (she/her)  

Minnesota House of Representatives, District 36B 

General: 11/8/2022  

Andrea Beth Damsky (she/her) 

Helix Water District Board, Division 2, CA 

General: 11/8/2022 
Jimmy Dutra (he/him) 

Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors, District 4, CA 

General: 11/8/2022 

Amanda Gonzalez (she/her) 

Jefferson County Clerk and Recorder, CO 

General: 11/8/2022 

John Kashwick (he/him)  

Clinton Town Council, NJ 

General: 11/8/2022  

Jessica Katzenmeyer (she/her) 

Wisconsin State Senate, District 5 

General: 11/8/2022 

Joel Kinnamon (he/him) 

Desert Community College District Board of Trustees, Area 4, CA 

General: 11/8/2022 

Richard Mehlinger (he/him) 

Sunnyvale City Councilmember, District 5, CA 

General: 11/8/2022 

Marcia Morgan (she/her)  

North Carolina State Senate, District 7 

General: 11/8/2022  

William Muetzenberg (he/him) 

Tracy City Council, At-Large, CA 

General: 11/8/2022 

Tina Nieto (she/her) 

Monterey County Sheriff, CA 

General: 11/8/2022 

María Isa Pérez-Hedges (she/her) 

Minnesota House of Representatives, District 65B 

General: 11/8/2022 

Nick Resnick (he/him) 

Oakland Unified School District Board of Education, District 4, CA 

General: 11/8/2022 

Mike Rice (he/him)  

Vermont House of Representatives, Bennington-Rutland 

General: 11/8/2022 

Clare Oumou Verbeten (she/her) 

Minnesota State Senate, District 66 

General: 11/8/2022 

Stephanie Wade (she/her) 

Seal Beach City Council, District 3, CA 

General: 11/8/2022 

Jesse Walker (he/him) 

Goodlettsville City Commission, At-Large, TN 

General: 11/8/2022 

Tyller Williamson (he/him) 

Mayor of Monterey, CA 

General: 11/8/2022 

Unopposed Candidates

Cassandra May Albaugh (she/her) 

Cotati Rohnert Park School Unified District Board of Trustees, Area 2, CA 

General: 11/8/2022 

Amanda Shelton (she/her) 

Oakland County Circuit Court, MI 

General: 11/8/2022 

General Incumbents

Kim Abbott (she/her) 

Montana House of Representatives, District 83 

General: 11/8/2022 

Dan Arriola (he/him) 

Tracy City Council, At-Large, CA 

General: 11/8/2022                                                      

Wendy Berry (she/they)  

West St. Paul City Council, Ward 3, MN 

General: 11/8/2022  

Tiffany Bluemle (she/her)

Vermont House of Representatives, Chittenden-13

General: 11/8/2022

Douglas DiSabito (he/him)

Grand Isle County State’s Attorney, VT

General: 11/8/2022

J.D. Ford (he/him)  

Indiana State Senate, District 29 

General: 11/8/2022  

Sarah George (she/her)  

Chittenden County State’s Attorney, VT 

General: 11/8/2022  

Rosanna Herber (she/her)

Sacramento Municipal Utility District Board of Directors, Ward 4, CA

General: 11/8/2022

Leslie Herod (she/her)  

Colorado House of Representatives, District 8 

General: 11/8/2022  

Kathleen James (she/her)  

Vermont House of Representatives, Bennington-4  

General: 11/8/2022  

Heather Keeler (she/her)  

Minnesota House of Representatives, District 4A 

General: 11/8/2022  

Sarah McBride (she/her)  

Delaware State Senate, District 1 

General: 11/8/2022  

Alicia Mousseau (she/her) 

Oglala Sioux Tribe Vice President, SD 

Primary: 10/18/2022 

General: 11/8/2022 

Jamie Pedersen (he/him)

Washington State Senate, District 43

General: 11/8/2022

Caitlin Quinn (she/her)  

Petaluma Joint Union High School District Board of Education, CA 

General: 11/8/2022  

Gabriel Quinto (he/him)  

El Cerrito City Council, CA 

General: 11/8/2022  

Liz Reyer (she/her)  

Minnesota House of Representatives, District 52A 

General: 11/8/2022  

Adam Rogers (he/him)

La Habra City School Board, CA

General: 11/8/2022

Greg Smith (he/him)

City & Borough of Juneau Assembly, District 1, AK

General: 11/8/2022

Adam Spickler (he/him) 

Cabrillo Community College Governing Board, Area II, CA 

General: 11/8/2022 

Danielle Walker (she/her) 

West Virginia House of Delegates, District 81 

General: 11/8/2022 

More information about all of Victory Fund’s endorsed candidates is available at   

LGBTQ Victory Fund  

LGBTQ Victory Fund works to achieve and sustain equality by increasing the number of openly LGBTQ elected officials at all levels of government while ensuring they reflect the diversity of those they serve. Since 1991, Victory Fund has helped thousands of openly LGBTQ candidates win local, state and federal elections.  

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