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Welcome to Okinawa

Okinawa is an island south west of Japan and is surrounded by the East China Sea and the Pacific Ocean. Historically, it was an independent country called Ryukyu , and became part of Japan in the 1860’s.

Okinawa Souvenirs by Fuji Nakama from Pixabay 

Okinawa has a rich local heritage, with its own customs, food, and clothing, and is seen as very different to the the mainland of Japan. This makes it a great destination for the Japanese population to “Vacation”.

With great weather most of the year, and many many beaches, it’s a perfect location for a great get-away. You can also take a ferry from the port of Tomari and go to remote islands such as Tokashiki Island and Aka Island. Many people also go to the “Gyokusendou” (the best limestone-cave in the Orient) and the “Himeyuri Tower” in the south of Okinawa main Island. There is also a popular gay beach in Mibaru (South East of Naha).

Whats great about Okinawa is its overall friendliness to the LGBT Community. With over 40 Gay Bars & Gay Friendly restaurants in the Sakurazaka region of Naha, any LGBTQ+ tourist is sure to have a great time.

For more information on all the nightlife in Okinawa (and Japan) head to the new website

Ryukyu Chakan

There is also a great small club called “Luv” in Sakurazaka, where events are held every week. Once a month they have very a popular party, which features performances by drag queens and Gogo boys.


Also, gay bars organize beach parties on the beaches in Okinawa, where DJs play music and enjoy BBQ on the beach side. If the party is large, there will be as many as 300 participants. At the end of June every year, a bear party is organised by Bay 036 attracting over 250 people from all over Asia. It is considered the biggest bear party event in Asia. Our friends at Out Asia Travel offer tour packages for this event. Head to their site here for all details of next years Beach Bear Event.

For trips to Okinawa all year round, check out Out Asia Travel’s information here.

For more detailed information as well as links for all LGBT Nightlife, restaurants, and more in Okinawa head to the new website –

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