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Cyber Monday special extended for this innovative women’s health supplement system!

The Essentials by Revivele system is suitable for all genders, although it was initially designed to give menopausal women a boost in their daily lives, especially when it comes to cognitive functioning. Horomonal imbalances and menopause can cause many symptoms such as brain fog and depression and can also open the door to disease.

The Revivele supplement system consists of six daily products carefully formulated to work in harmony and be taken throughout the day. Designed for enhanced tolerability and absorption, Essentials aims to help improve all facets of women’s health, especially focusing on cognitive function, energy, sleep, mood, gut health, immunity and hormone balance.

From November 24th – December 1st customers can receive 25% off individual products.

Customers can also get $100 off the full system now through November 30 with code ESSENTIALS100 

The individual products include:

·       Inhale (enteric-coated tablets) – A blend of herbs, vitamins, and minerals for improved energy production, reducing inflammation, burning fat, and boosting brain function. Key ingredients: Vitamin C, B-vitamins, choline, selenium, chromium, inositol, berberine, coenzyme Q10, whole coffee fruit extract, ashwagandha, alpha lipoic acid. Price: $99**

·       Flow (enteric-coated tablets) – A midday adaptogenic supplement designed for the ups and downs of a busy day. Flow helps to boost brain function, regulate energy and blood sugar, help the body cope with physical and chemical stressors, and boost immunity. Key ingredients: zinc, Ceylon cinnamon, berberine, ashwagandha, tulsi/holy basil, turmeric, piperine, rhodiola. Price: $79**

·       Enhance (soft-gels) – A rich mix of high-dose Omega-3 fish oils and vital fat-soluble vitamins designed for maximum absorption. These soft gels work to strengthen heart and brain functions, as well as improve mood, skin, and bone health. Key ingredients: Vitamin D₃, vitamin E, vitamin K₂-MK7, Omega-3 fatty acids (EPA, DHA). Price: $79*

·       Bloom (gummies) – An exclusive blend of seven functional mushrooms that are a tasty way to supercharge the immune system, boost energy levels, bolster daily resilience, reduce inflammation, while also improving brain and digestive functions. Naturally colored and flavored, these gummies have a delicious lemon soda taste, and are sugar-free. Key ingredients: Maitake, cordyceps, lion’s mane, reishi, wild chaga, tremella, turkey tail mushrooms. Price: $89*

·       Flourish (capsules) – Consists of 48 billion beneficial microbes that work to strengthen the gut’s lining, improving digestion and absorption of nutrients. This proprietary probiotic blend will help improve many dimensions of overall health. Key ingredients: Proprietary blend consisting of seven unique probiotic strains. Price: $79*

·       Exhale (capsules) – Fosters a relaxing and restorative sleep for body and mind alike. Encourages muscle relaxation and a reset of sleep cycles to enhance immune function and restore brain function. Key ingredients: Magnesium glycinate, L-theanine, melatonin. Price: $69*

Check out Essentials supplement system here.

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