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You had to be there…The Lineup

The Lineup has moved downstairs.

Back in my home sweet home! The Birdland Theater, downstairs from BIRDLAND proper was officially opened on Tuesday night with THE LINEUP, and joy was had by all. What a night! Let’s get to it.

Tracy Stark | Photo; Stewart Green

Usually known for making other singers sound great with her incredible piano playing, Tracy Stark started our night with an original song sung with her gutsy, bluesy voice and soulful point of view. It was terrific hearing her perform her own song, she really set the pace for what was to come. Hooray Tracy!

Meg Flather | Photo: Gene Reed

And then she stayed put behind the keys to play for the Gamine Delight that is Meg Flather. Meg has such bright energy and a way with a lyric she lifted the room with an original about Reaching Higher. She had us in the palm of her hand. Outstanding. 

Benny Benack | Photo: Gene Reed

Oh my WORD. Benny Benack III was IN THE HOUSE. What a guy. He sings like a dream, plays trumpet and brings such positive vibes when he is on stage. He is pure sunshine when he performs, truly tremendous. BRAVO!

Michael A. Green | Gene Reed

Then a handsome man with an Eastern European accent whisked in and focused the room with “If You Go Away” sung in perfect French. Michael A. Green is a fascinating fellow, and the crowd ate him up. With rapt attention we hung on every syllable. His rich, buttery tone was sublime. Well done. Then the progeny of two Entertainent Superstars, Jessica Molaskey and John Pizzarelli, got up and blew our collective mind. Maddie Pizzarelli!!!

Maddie Pizzarelli | Photo: Stewart Green

This young singer/songwriter IS THE REAL DEAL!!! Her voice is supple and flows freely over her lyrics, while her nimble fingers play the guitar, and it is GLORIOUS. I simply adore Maddie. I spontaneously asked for another song, which I never do, but I was compelled by a higher power. MORE MADDIE! This young person is one to watch.️ 

Farah Alvin | Photo: Stewart Green

Farah Alvin has a voice other singers wish they had. Clear, strong with no break, her sound is all her own. I defy you not to get chills when she sings. She and the delicious Michael Holland did a mash up ( in Grammas day we called it a Medley) of pop songs from  the ’70s and tore the place down. Farah is a freaking STAR.

Ira Lee Collings | Photo: Stewart Green

The impish, delightful Ira Lee Collings, Eighty six years old and still laying ‘em in the aisles. Singing about his love for NYC he brought us to our feet. Seeing Ira fly high was pure heaven. Thank you my friend. Then our own Brad Simmons brought another one of his incredible songs out to play and the band kicked ass. A rocky, country tinged crowd pleaser, hearing Brads originals’ is one of the best parts of every show. Awesome.

Chloe Perrier | Photo: Stewart Green

Hello Chloe Perrier! This sultry, sparkling gem of a performer was next, with the gifted Hyuna Park playing piano. Dressed like a true star this French Chanteuse mesmerized us all. LOVE HER. Then the room lifted into the next stratosphere.

JW’s Inspirational Singers of NYC | Photo: Gene Reed

Juson Williams brought the house DOWN with his group of twelve, JW’s Inspirational Singers of NYC. Just back from slaying on America’s Got Talent, these people brought the glory to our stage. Each one special, together the power was undeniable. Singing “Leaving on a Jet Plane” they entered the room and filled the stage. Then they sang their “Triumphant Stand Up” and boy did we. What a spectacular ending to a beautiful show.

I feel so happy. See you next Tuesday. Here is The Lineup:

Of course any show with Julie Halston is a big party. She is one of the funniest, most enjoyable people on the planet. Scott Coulter’s voice is the nectar of the Gods, and he and the incredible star of Cats on Broadway, Jessica Hendy, are singing a duet! And I don’t know who doesn’t flip for Michelle Dowdy, my dear Hairspray chum. It’s gonna be a stellar show, come to the world famous BIRDLAND and see for yourself.

Tickets here.

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