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You had to be there…The Lineup

My head is still swirling from the magnificent going’s on at THE LINEUP last Tuesday night. The place was sold out and the performers were each giving the crowd moments we will never forget. Let’s get to it.

The polished yet boyish exuberance of Mark William is just what the doctor ordered. With his voice echoing the great crooners of years past, he brought his own fresh sensibility to a smashing arrangement of Lotta Livin’ to do and Shine it on. Mark is a joy to watch and he started the festivities off with a bang. Great job!

Oh my WORD. The beautiful L. M. Dobbs set the stage on fire. Her voice is an endless, shimmering wonder, reaching impossible notes and making them sound simple. With the marvelous Ron Abel playing his delicious arrangement of “Something’s Coming”, she took us right where we wanted to go, Heaven. Bravo!

THE BONUS ROUND BAND! Steve Schalchlin brought in his incredible band mates Bill Goffi and Jonathan Savage and they took us on a wild ride with Steve’s original country rock tune. So alive and full of kick-ass flavor we could have sat in that moment all night and been happy. Thanks fellas!

Next, one of my favorite musical geniuses, Jordan Wolfe brought the sex, drugs and rock and roll to the party with Jefferson Airplane’s iconic “White Rabbit.” This kid has notes other singers dream of having, and he always puts his own spin on things. Love him!

I am slightly obsessed with Miss Maybell. Who is she? Well, it’s Lauren Sansaricq and Charlie Judkins, and they are a throwback to the twenties, completely with a washboard and kazoo.  This act is so unique and spellbinding and the audience was instantly captivated. Last night they brought bassist Brian Napepka and they tore. It. Up. Brilliant.️ 

Who is stunning to behold and a delight to listen too? Sarah Krauss, that’s who. This young woman has the goods. A trained voice that sounds free and untamed is what she brings to the bandstand, and we were all riveted. We love Sarah and are always so glad she is part of THE LINEUP. 

Good to pry our Bartender Eddie Jacques from behind the bar and listen to his comedy about family, the glamorous life of restaurant work and Canadian bacon. He had us on the floor. Great big laughs. Thanks Eddie, and don’t forget to give him a big tip.

THOSE GIRLS!!!! Rocking our world with four part harmony, Karen Mack, Eve EatonWendy Anne Russell and Rachel Hanser took the stage by storm and held it down with their musical might. With Steven Ray Watkins playing like a boss, these girls set our hearts to beating a little faster and our minds to soar a bit further. Wonderful. 

HOLEY MOLEY. Ella Mae Dixon was in the house. This eighteen year old powerhouse can SING! “Diamonds are Forever” Indeed. I am so excited to watch this young master grow and blossom. Wow. Just incredible.

And then the glorious person that is Jae leapt up and brought the house down with “Poor Unfortunate Souls.” With the always groovy Lance Horne on piano, Jae is stunning on every level that one can be stunned. Funny, specific and singing their FACE OFF, Jae will be making a splash in every pool they dive into. Well done!

Brad Simmons, band leader extraordinaire, brought another original last night, a song for his own funeral. Haunting and somber with the guitar wizard Sean Harkness rounding out the band, Brad bared his soul and we loved him for it. Excellent. 

To close, I had the joy of singing “Killing Me Softly” with my beloved band mates, Clint de Ganon, sitting in for John Miller we had the badass Steve Doyle, along with my favorite, Sean Harkness. I’m so freaking lucky. Another perfect LINEUP. See you next Tuesday!

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