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You had to be there…The Lineup

The stage was on fire last Tuesday night! It’s a wonder the whole joint didn’t burn to the ground. THE LINEUP was the cause of the heat and flame, let’s get to it. Photos: Gene Reed

Susan Mack | Gene Reed

Bringing her own special light to start us off right was the fabulous Susan Mack. Boy she can sing. Her tone and range are divine and she ironically sang a song about needing to sleep. No one could sleep with her on the bandstand. Bravo!

The splendor of Sean Patrick Murtagh cannot be denied. With his kind, open face and his rich open sound, I just wanna curl up in his lap and have him sing to me all day. Marvelous. 

Sean Patrick Murtagh

A new fellow to me was next, and I’m HOOKED. Peter Romberg, an impish delight, sang a medley of All By Myself/Everybody Hurts and had us all breathless. Those high notes! Can’t wait to see and hear more from Peter.

My beloved Christine Pedi was next with Matthew Martin Ward expertly lending his hands. Everyone needs A Little Tin Box, and with her incredible ability, she transformed into characters all discussing said box. BRILLIANT.️ Holy Mother of All the is Good! 

Louise Rogers

Louise Rogers and Mark Kross were next and showed us all HOW ITS DONE. Swinging and Scatting, Louise thrilled the crowd with On A Clear Day while Mark played the hippest changes and lead the band to heaven, with us all tagging along. Wow. Can’t wait to have them back!

Brad Simmons keeps bringing his crazy good songs to the table and last night he had the phenomenal Sean Harkness lending his musical support. The band sounded amazing and so did Brad. EXCELLENT.

Fiddler and the Crossroads

Greg Holt, fiddler extraordinaire, brought his band The Fiddler and the Crossroads to slay the people and slay they did. Those guys put us on a thrill ride and we didn’t stop till we were dizzy with glee. Love them!

My dear friend from Hairspray, Leslie McDonel is a Goddess. Her singing has such beauty and depth, so moving and filled with spirit. So happy she is moving back to New York, this is where she belongs. 

OMG. Gianmarco Soresi is a COMEDY SUPERSTAR. This guy is so ridiculously funny, he had the people weeping with laughter. It’s always a great time when Gianmarco is performing, skill, timing and hysterical material. This kid is a STAR. 

And then the darling Beth Naji came to close the night. Looking like a million bucks, Beth sounded fabulous on I got it bad, and boy were we all glad to witness her return to singing. Way to go Beth, you rocked it.

My world is so full, I am constantly in awe that I get to play with Brad, John Miller and Clint de Ganon each Tuesday and show the world such exciting talent. Thank you Universe for smiling upon me. See you tomorrow night!

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