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Cruising offers new horizons for solo travelers

An uptick in solo bookings has been noticed by leading LGBTQ cruise company, VACAYA. Photos: Gabriel Goldberg

VACAYA co-founder & CEO Randle Roper said the newest solo travelers booking their dream vacations with VACAYA are a mix of ages and demographics. It’s younger travelers whose friends don’t have the necessary funds to go along, and older travelers who are either retired and single or just looking to make new friends,” says Roper.

If you’re a single or solo traveler of a certain age, there are some upcoming itineraries that Roper particularly recommends. “Our all-inclusive resorts (like our Mexico Resort trip in Puerto Vallarta Oct 29, 2022) and big-ship cruises (like our 5th Birthday celebration in the Caribbean February 12, 2023) are really best for solo travelers. It gives each solo traveler a chance to make hundreds of new connections and hopefully a few lifelong friends.” 

And if you worry that the programming onboard cruises and in resorts is geared more towards couples, have no fear. “We dedicate about 20% of our programming to the specific needs of Solo Travelers,” says Roper. “From nightly cocktail get-togethers and beach days to dedicated Solo Traveler tables at meals and game nights, we provide a wide mix of opportunities to connect with not only other Solo Travelers but non-Solo Travelers, as well. We understand how difficult it can be ‘breaking the ice,’ so our team of Vacayans is always there to help take the pressure off – acting as a social lubricant between our guests.”

Solo traveler Armando Guardiola (he/him), 52, is a retired sales executive from Houston, Texas who has traveled with VACAYA. Armando said that he finds that solo travel is at its best when everyone’s on vacation because that’s when everyone’s usually their happiest. “People are more willing and open to talk with you, exchange ideas, and share experiences together than they are when they’re in the comforts of their hometown,” said Armando.  

And one of the many benefits of traveling with VACAYA is you will experience the full spectrum of gender identification and orientation. Additionally, VACAYA is doing outreach to women to make sure they also feel welcome and included.

About Vacaya

VACAYA is a fresh approach to LGBT+ travel. VACAYA charters entire ships and resorts so LGBT+ travelers and their straight ally friends have the freedom to express their individuality, make personal connections, celebrate life, or simply relax… together. VACAYA creates memorable bespoke travel experiences to amazing destinations, with stellar entertainment, world-class hospitality, and endless fun. They like to say, if you believe ‘love is love’, then you belong on a VACAYA vacation.

For more information and itineraries go to myvacaya.com.

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