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Here are the best male nude scenes of 2023 according to Mr. Man

Mr. Man, the online catalogue of clips and pics of nude male celebrities has come out with its top 10 nude scenes of 2023, and we have to say we agree with the choice, including adding a couple of our own.

This year, it seems gay male sexual intimacy was treated with a little more gravity by mainstream entertainment. In this year’s film and TV, male nudity and MSM desire seem more genuinely linked to dramatic narrative arcs and storylines than ever before. Mr. Man, when selecting its annual Top Ten Nude Scenes Of The Year, has also noticed this trend, saying, “we could never have dreamed that Ben Whishaw would get his ass fingered while topping his gay lover, that the romantic comedy Red, White, & Royal Blue would include a viral anal scene, or that Elite would simply… exist.”

And more high profile stars are getting in on the act, such as Matt Bomer in a very intense scene in the critically-acclaimed Fellow Travelers! So just in case you missed any of these gay gems this year, here is the tenth annual Mr. Man Top Ten Nude Scenes Of The Year.

Taylor Zakhar Perez as Alex Claremont-Diaz and Nicholas Galitzine as Prince Henry in Prime Video’s Red, White & Royal Blue.

#10: Taylor Zakhar PerezNicholas Galitzine in Red, White & Royal Blue

This movie comes from the pen of a queer woman! Casey McQuiston is an American author of romance novels but that doesn’t mean Red, White & Royal Blue, which was adapted to the screen by Amazon Prime, can’t be sexy as well as sweet! You might be surprised just how far it goes in exploring the chemistry-laden attraction between America’s first son and the prince of England—the flash of a bare butt, a bottle of lube on the nightstand.

As Queer Forty noted, there are plenty of other reasons to love this film, including the temperature-raising love scene. And afterwards, you might just be left hyperventilating like Sarah Shahi.

#9: Jack Armstrong in Patterns

British series Patterns has gained a following for playing fast and loose with narrative twists and turns and surprising scenes — and many of them nude. Several of the male cast strip down but according to Mr. Man, “Jack Armstrong takes the cake, cake, cake here, flaunting his breathtaking jock body in multiple scenes.” In particular, it’s Armstrong’s shower scene in which he shows off his assets, both front and back, that has placed Patterns in the Top 10.

#8: Mauro da CostaJoão Villas-BoasJoão CaçadorJoão Reis Moreira in Will-o’-the-Wisp

Will-o’-the-Wisp is a 2022 Portuguese musical romantic comedy film directed by João Pedro Rodrigues. The film stars Mauro Costa as Alfredo, the crown prince of Portugal whose passion for the environment leads him to become a fireman, where he falls in love with colleague Afonso (André Cabral). Cue lots of sexy memories of his escapades as a firefighter that include “eye-popping homoerotic firehouse fantasies, and plenty of hoses.”

#7: Taylor Byron BarrEric Brody in Minx

Mr. Man says it best: “The retro porn series Minx had a lot to live up to in its second season after delivering an iconic close-up penis montage in season one. Taylor Byron Barr and Eric Brody were up to the challenge in season two, flaunting their rippling abs, period-appropriate manly bushes, and big dicks while tied up to railroad tracks during a porn photoshoot. Who doesn’t want to get railed by these boys?”

#6: Mauricio HénaoJulián Cerati in Fake Profile

This Spanish-language Netflix drama is full of eye candy and telenovela surprises! A Colombian series of course has lots of straight sexual intrigue and glamorous men and women in steamy intrigue, but gay men are not left out of the scenario! Mr. Man’s highlight is Julián Cerati and Mauricio Hénao’s totally naked sex scene on the deck of a boat.

#5: André LamogliaFernando Lindez in Elite

Also Spanish-speaking, Elite embraces gay male attraction. This “gay teens-gone-wild series can breathe a sigh of relieve, because André Lamoglia and Fernando Lindez are here to pick up the slack,” says Mr. men, following the departure of Manu Ríos from the series. Lindez plays Omar Ayuso’s lover who falls for Lamoglia after delivering pizza to his house. And, well, you can imagine the rest and we’re not talking pepperoni…

#4: Jordan FirstmanSebastián SilvaRicco Diamanti in Rotting in the Sun

Rotting In The Sun takes us to a gay hookup resort where fully naked men have real sex on the beach. Comedian Jordan Firstman finds himself surrounded by ready and willing studs as Chilean-born writer-director Sebastián Silva (Crystal Fairy & the Magical Cactus, The Maid) pokes fun, and a few other things, at gayness and maleness. There’s a lot to look at in this sexy meta-comedy that thunders through Mexico’s city streets and nudist beaches, including Ricco Diamanti’s compelling, uncut appendage, pictured here!

#3: Josh LaveryDaniel GabrielVincent Andriano in Lonesome

A small town, young gay Australian man is cruising for men in the big city. That’s the logline of Lonesome and the protagonist is embodied by real-life out gay exhibitionist and self-described “twink in decline” Josh Lavery. He loves showing off his incredible body on Instagram but this shows also proves that he has acting chops as part of the package.

#2: Matt BomerDavid Tomlinson in Fellow Travelers

The big buzz this year has been around Fellow Travelers, starring A-list gay actors Matt Bomer and Jonathan Bailey. But who knew we would be rewarded not only with an epic love story, political import, and compelling historical themes—but with a hot sex scene as well! Mr. man is most excited by Bomer’s scene with David Tomlinson, who plays an anonymous hookup in an “aggressive sex scene.”

#1: Ben WhishawFranz Rogowski in Passages

We couldn’t agree with this one more! The sex scene in Passages between Ben Wishaw and Franz Rogowski has to be one of the most passionate and convincing MSM encounters which pushes the needle way beyond nudity. Intense, athletic, physical, intimate and maybe a little bit angsty. Both actors deserve awards for their scene, which helps evoke more than one meaning of the film’s title.

So what are the two extra films we want to add, bringing the list to an even dozen?

#11 goes to Charles Melton in Todd Haynes’s May December. In a very brief sex scene on the floor with Natalie Portman, Melton shows off his gorgeous butt and a bit more—but blink and you might miss it.

#12 goes to Barry Keoghan in the wildly sordid Saltburn—two scenes in fact—when the actor is seen torturously humping his male crush’s grave; and when he dances naked, and literally lets it allllll hang out.

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