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Karamo gets second season but says no celebrity interviews

Karamo Brown, of Queer Eye fame, says he plans to pick up where Dr. Phil left off, but he’s also hoping for more of the show that made him famous! However, no celebrities will be invited.

The Queer Eye star’s talk show Karamo has been renewed for a second season, and he recently spoke to Variety about his hopes for the show moving forward. When asked about the show’s direction for its second season, Brown stated, “I think also with Dr. Phil retiring, I’ll be one of the last in this lane, and I plan to be the last to revive it where there’s now more behind me.” 

Brown shot to fame as one of the five stars of Netflix’s “Queer Eye.” His solo talk show venture, where he explored compelling family and relationship issues, premiered in September 2022 on NBCUniversal. 

To date, “Karamo” is sold in 85% of the country and appears on leading station groups across the country including Nexstar, Weigel, Tegna, Sunbeam, Hearst, Sinclair, Capitol, Block, CW Plus, Mission Broadcasting and more. “Karamo” is executive produced by Kerry Shannon and co-executive produced by Gloria Harrison-Hall.


Though rooting for more seasons of Queer Eye, Karamo was very candid when saying that his main goal was always to have his own talk show. “My ultimate goal since day one,” said Brown, when asked if having a talk show was his ultimate dream. “Only thing that I ever wanted. Only thing. Everything was always with the purpose of, how can I get here?” 

Brown also confirmed that season two of Karamo won’t include anymore TikTok dancing, but he will definitely be leaning more in the therapeutic direction – His ultimate goal is to help others through their pain. “I’m a 42-year-old man. I’m very glad I’m not doing those things,” Brown says about TikTok dancing. “But on Queer Eye, we do dancing and we do all these things, and it was like, how do you mix those things in? And then we realized that what we need to lean into is that people want to tell me about their pain and they want me to help heal them. Once we got into that, it was great.” 

When discussing the episode that stood out the most for him, Brown discussed the day he begged a mother and daughter to seek therapy. 

“It was the second episode that I ever shot. It was a mother and daughter, and they were at odds fighting, screaming. Pain comes out in anger, and these women were expressing the anger sitting across each other on the couch. And I realized quickly that it was generational trauma.” 

He adds: “I got them to a place where they started hearing each other. They were crying and I said, ‘Can I give you therapy?’ I got down on my knees and begged these two Black women to take therapy. And they both begrudgingly said yes.” 

Brown has made it very clear that he doesn’t want to be the next Hollywood star with a show where he interviews other celebrities, but he’d rather go back to what his roots are – helping regular people. 

“I’m going to be real with you — I love Jennifer Hudson. I watch her show. I love Sherri Shepherd. I’m not one of these haters who’ll be like, ‘I don’t like them.’ I love what they’re doing. I love it. And there’s a place for that.” 

He goes on: “But I need to stay in my lane. My lane is from “Queer Eye,” my lane is from when I first met you working in social services at the Los Angeles LGBT Center. I have always been helping regular people. I didn’t help any celebrities.” 

For those who may be thinking that Brown is alluding to the fact that he doesn’t plan on doing anymore Queer Eye, Brown lays that myth to rest, stressing that he does, in fact, want to do more, but he just doesn’t want to leave the work he’s passionate about. 

“Please let there be 40 more seasons of Queer Eye,” he says. “First of all, I love working with those four yahoos, but secondly, I grew up poor. Just because you got a new job, you don’t leave the old one. I don’t know how rich people do it, but just because you’ve got a new check, don’t mean you leave the old check.” 

We can definitely understand that! 

Visit the show website to find out where you can watch full episodes of Karamo. Full free episodes of Karamo are also available to stream in the UK on

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